Macbook Air Overheating? Add These Tips in Your List

Are you not able to work on your MacBook because it is getting too much heated i.e. MacBook Air Overheating? These kinds of irritation pose a serious threat to the device as well as your health. Overheating causes the device to get some serious damage to some of the components and if you keep your MacBook on your laps then it may cause a serious burn on your laps.

MacBook Air Overheating

MacBook Air Overheating

Here we would discuss some of the tips where you will come to know about the Macbook Air Overheating solutions and how you can keep your MacBook in good condition. If your MacBook suddenly turns off or the MacBook is operational but is heated to an extent that you could not touch near its fan, then you need a serious fix for this issue as soon as possible in the repair service center. But wait what if you can fix this issue by yourself?

Tips to Cool Down Macbook Air Overheating Issue

Try these MacBook air overheating fixes to prevent your MacBook from overheating.

  • Limit Yourself

The causes behind the laptop overheating could be any of these – whether the air vents are blocked or dust has been built up inside those vents. If you play too heavy games or use loaded software in the MacBook then also the heating could take place. These types of machines are not meant for this heavy working and could lead to disastrous consequences when used too much.

The MacBook is a very compact machine and the air vents are placed in order so that every component should be cooled down from its cooling system. If you attach an external monitor then make sure that you have proper ventilation in the room so that the heat could not be accumulated in the room.

Put your laptop on a flat table instead of putting it on your lap or bed to allow proper ventilation channels to work easily.

  • Remove the Unwanted Software

There are many of the software which is unnecessarily consuming the space in the hard disk. You have to select that software and remove it from the system.

Check out the software which is taking unnecessary space by launching the Activity Monitor which you can find in the utility section. Select the CPU tab and click on the CPU column in descending order.

You will see that there are some of the processes which are taking more than 50% of the processing speed as well as the hard disk space. Force quit those apps and with the button.

  • Avoid Chrome

Using chrome could adversely affect the heat levels of your laptop. Use the Safari browser or the pre-installed browser in your laptop. Chrome is easy but it is a well-known fact that it uses much of the GPU process. It is time to take a leave from Chrome and switch to another browser.

  • Test Your Fans

If your fan is not working in a proper condition then it could lead to serious hardware damage. Select from the Apple Hardware diagnostics to check whether the fan is working or not.

  • Cleaning is Necessary

When there is a huge time gap when you first purchased the laptop then it is time to clean the dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. You can use the compressed air can in the market to clean the important parts of the vents and the delicate chipset.

  • Upgrade to Latest Version on Mac

You have to regularly update the OS from time to time in order to keep it in working condition. Check periodically whether an app needs any update or not.

  • Keep Minimum Tabs

Keep your tabs as precise as possible. The more you use the current tabs, the more the processor is in action. Make sure that you keep only the minimum tabs open in the browser or the device.

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So these were some of the tips and tricks by which you can prevent Macbook Air Overheating. If you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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