iPhone Brightness Keeps Dimming – Causes & Solution

If your iPhone Brightness Keeps Dimming and you don’t know the reason why it happens then you don’t need to worry about it at all. Also, when you turn the screen brightness up then your iPhone will get dim again. So, today here in this article, we are going to tell you about why your iPhone keeps dimming and show you how to fix the problem easily. So, what you have to do is, simply read this article till the end in a very simple and detailed manner to understand it properly. 

Why iPhone Brightness Keeps Dimming?

iPhone Brightness Keeps Dimming

Several times, your iPhone Keep Dimming due to the auto brightness which gets turned on. The auto-brightness is one of the features which will automatically adjust the brightness of the iPhone display which will completely depend upon the lighting conditions at your place. 

When it’s dark, the auto-brightness will make the display of your iPhone darkes so that your eyes will not get blinded by what you are looking at on the display. If you are out on the beach on a bright and sunny day, the auto-brightness will generally make the display of your iPhone bright so that you will be able to see what’s happening on the display. 

You are required to simply turn off the auto-brightness if your iPhone is dimming and if you are willing to stop. You have to simply open the settings and then click on the accessibility > display and text size. Now, you need to simply turn off the switch that appears next to the auto-brightness option. 

The apple notes which will turn off the auto-brightness will affect the battery life of your iPhone. Also, if you leave your iPhone on the maximum brightness every day and also it will drain the battery in a fast manner if you left your iPhone on the minimum brightness every day. You have to simply check out this whole article till the end to know more about it. 

Is Night Shift Turned On iPhone?

Another reason why it may look like your iPhone keeps dimming is that the night shift has turned on. The night shift is one of the features which will make the iPhone display warmer which will also help you to make it easy to simply fall asleep at night after using the iPhone. 

You need to enter into the settings > display and brightness and then you have to click on the night shift option. 

If you have scheduled the night shift on the iPhone then this feature will automatically turn on at a particular period of time. You can simply be able to turn off the switch that appears next to the schedules to simply prevent the night shift from getting turned on automatically in a particular period.

Night shift will also toggle on or off from the control center if your iPhone gets updated to iOS 11 or 12. In terms of opening the control center, you have to simply wipe down the upper right-hand corner of the screen on the iPhone X or above, or also you have to simply swipe up from the bottom of the display of the iPhone 8 or older. 

Now, you need to click and hold the brightness slider. After this, you need to make a click on the night shift button in order to toggle it off or on. 

My iPhone Is Still Dimming? What to Do?

Your iPhone mat still gets dimmed after the auto-brightness and the night shift have been turned off. Also, a software problem or also may be a hardware problem which may be the reason why your iPhone keeps dimming. The steps which we are going to share below will help you to get rid of this problem. 

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is one of the simple and common methods to fix the software problem which will be dimming the display. Below, we are going to share the complete steps about how to restart your iPhone. 

  • iPhone 8 and Earlier: You need to simply press and hold the power button until you will see the option of sliding to power off. Then, you have to swipe the red power icon from the left to right side in order to shut down your iPhone. In terms of turning your iPhone back on then, you have to press and hold the power button again until you will see the Apple logo in a direct manner on the display. 
  • iPhone X and Newer: You have to press and hold the side button or the volume button until “slide to power off” appears on the display. Now, you have to simply swipe the red power icon from the left to right side “slide to power off”. You need to simply wait for a few moments and then press and hold the side button again in order to turn your iPhone X or newer back on. 

Update Your iPhone

You need to know that Apple will regularly release software updates in terms of introducing the new iPhone features and fixing some of the issues and errors. For this, you need to simply open Settings and then click on General -> Software Update. Now, you have to click on the download and install button if any of the software updates are available. 

When the update gets completed then you have to get back to the settings > accessibility > display and text size in terms to make sure the auto-brightness is turned off. 

Backup Your iPhone

Before you go to the next steps, you have to ensure that you take a backup of your iPhone. The next step is a DFU restore and you are required to have a backup of all the data of your iPhone in order to have a secure action.

You need to plug your iPhone into the computer with the help of the lightning cable and then you have to open iTunes. Now, make a click on the phone button which appears near the upper left-hand side of iTunes. At last, make a click on the backup now in order to create the iPhone backup. 

DFU Restore Your iPhone

The DFU restore is one of the deepest types of iPhone restore. All the codes of the iPhone will also get erased and also get reloaded when you put your device into the DFU mode and restore. 

iPhone Repair Options

It is unlikely that your iPhone may be dimming due to the hardware problem in the display. You have to simply set up an appointment and then you have to take your iPhone to your nearest local Apple store. Any genius will be able to access the damage to your iPhone and allow you to know whether the repair is required or not. We will also suggest to you Pulse which is one of the on-demand repair companies that can simply be able to send the certified technician to you within an hour. 

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