How Many Watts Does A Macbook Pro Use?

For the very first time, the high end 2020 13 inch MacBook pro model with 10th generation intel processor is having a dual power rating of 20.3V/3.0A and 20.2V/4.3A which means that these models can be able to access apple’s 87-watt power adapter which gets shipped previously with the 15 inch MacBook pro. If you are willing to know how many watts does a MacBook pro use then you need to stick to this article to know all the details and a proper answer to this question. 

How Many Watts Does A Macbook Pro Use?

How Many Watts Does A Macbook Pro Use

  • Can I Use a 65w Charger Instead of 85W?

You are able to use a high wattage power adapter but you can’t use one which has low wattage without the potential of operating issues. To know about how much wattage does a MacBook pro use read this article till the end. 

  • Can I Use a 30W Charger for MacBook Pro?

There is not as much difference between the latest and previous Apple’s 30W USB C power adapter and the power adapter is mainly compatible with any of the USB-C enabled devices. Apple also suggested pairing it with the 13-inch Macbook air along with the retina display for the optimal charging performance. 

  • How Many Watts Does a MacBook Pro Use An Hour?

If you want to know how many watts does a MacBook pro 15 use then as per the notebook check, the average power consumption under the load of the M1 MBP is nearly 30 watts and the maximum power consumption is nearly 50 watt. It is for the complete laptop and I would say that the 61W charger comes with lots of laptops along with the externally connected devices. 

  • Is It Bad to Use A Higher Watt Charger to Charge Macbook?

Yes, your laptop is mainly designed to simply draw up a particular amount of power at the time of running at full power. It means that you can safely be able to use a charger with a high wattage rating as the laptop will draw the amount of power that is required at a time. 

  • Can I Use A 19v Charger On a 19.5 V Macbook?

It is good and laptops are having the internal high precision voltage regulators which simply get down from the regulated voltage which is supplied by the charger to the exact voltage they need for the other things and half a voltage will not make any particular difference. 

  • What Kind of Power Adapter Does a MacBook Pro Use?

You need to know that the Apple 85W MagSafe power adapter for the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro and the 85 Watt MagSafe power adapter will also feature a magnetic DC connector which will simply ensure that your power cable will simply disconnect if it will experience the strain and also it helps to prevent from fraying or weakening of the cable over the time. 

  • What Kind of Charger Do I Need for My Macbook Pro?

The images show the style of the adapter which mainly comes up from every MacBook, MacBook Pro, and also with the MacBook air as well. If you are not sure which model Mac you are having then you can check out this article. Also, for the best charging experience, you can be able to use the USB-C charge cable which mainly comes with the Mac notebook. 

  • Where Can I Get A New Power Adapter for My Mac?

When possible, you need to use your computer’s original charger or the new adapter. You can also be able to get the extra or the replacement adapter with the Accord and simply plug it in at the apple online store or an apple reseller or the apple store. The replacement adapter may not be in the same size, same color, same shape, or same wattage as the original adapter which mainly comes up with your computer. 

  • Is There A MagSafe 2 Power Adapter For A MacBook Pro?

No, it can’t as the older MacBook pro will use the MagSafe not the MagSafe 2. The product which you are willing to get is the apple (60W for 13-inch computer the 85W for the 15 and 17-inch computer) MagSafe power adapter. 

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