Best Calculator Apps for iPhone 2022

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone – It looks like there is no end to the types and amount of apps that are providing the services of calculators to the users.

From the fewer features to the large features of intense calculators, these apps are best for all types of users, whether it’s for the home user, school use, or your job.

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone

So, simply, check out this detailed article and this detailed list of the best calculator apps for iPhone and simply download the suitable app easily. 

Top 10 Calculator Apps for iPhone

  • Plusee Calculator

This calculator app for iPhone is one of the most awesome and colorful calculators and it will add color to your life with the plusee calculator app. You can select round buttons, square buttons, or also rounded square buttons and a rainbow mode also gets added to simply improve the dearest of moods. Also, the two colors, yellow and purple are also added to it and in the app, you can be able to view lots of previous calculations as your screen-size permits and also view the list of the previous calculations by swiping down in this best calculator app for iPhone 2022

  • It will show you the current calculations with the operators. 
  • It also shows you the 2 previous calculations. 
  • It will remember your calculations even if you close the app. 
  • It will calculate even after the result is using the last input. 
  • It also calculates after the result is using the last pressed operator. 
  • It doesn’t show ads. 
  • It has a luminescent numeric button. 
  • Also, it has a mute button as well. 


  • GeoGebra

It is one of the top calculator apps for iPhone and millions of people use the GeoGebra math calculator app from all over the world to simply learn mathematics and science as well. You can be able to join the dynamic mathematics for everyone and the GeoGebra match calculator bundle includes these apps and features. 

  • Graphing Calculator: You can be able to plot the functions with the sliders and also solve the questions as well. 
  • Geometry Calculator: You can create interactive geometric constructions. 
  • 3D Calculator: It gives the graph functions, surfaces, and also lots of other 3D objects. 
  • Spreadsheet Calc: You analyze the data and also be able to do the statistics which are connected with the graphing. 
  • CAS Calculator: You can solve math problems with the powerful computer algebra system. 
  • Probability Calc: It will visualize the parameters and also the distributions easily. 
  • Exam Calculator: You can use the math calculator at the time of tests and exams. 
  • You can be able to search for free learning activities directly from this app. 
  • You can also save and share the results with your friends and teachers as well. 


  • SnapCalc

You need to know that the snap calc app easily does the math for you and you simply need to snap a picture of the math problem and voila. The answer to that problem will appear on the display of your device. From algebra to calculus, the app has solutions for a large number of topics and you can learn quickly and easily with step-by-step explanations so that you will be able to solve the problem yourself next time. 

  • You can recognize both handwritten problems and also printed ones as well. 
  • It gives you straight answers and also the corresponding step-by-step solutions. 
  • You can solve math problems easily by a large number of topics, ranging from arithmetic to calculus. 
  • You can also save your results in the history tab so that you can be able to get back to them anytime. 


  • The Expressions Calculator

It is the expressions calculator app for iPhone and the app is mainly designed in a manner that helps you to solve the math problem by simply providing you added to all the basic features of the calculator. This best calculator app for iPhone with history gives you a sample of natural constants and a large database of commonly used formulas in mathematics, physics, and chemistry and it is completely embedded and adware SI, imperial, and astronomical units context. The iPhone app for calculations is very useful for high-school and STEM university students and also engineers, chemists, mathematicians, and physicists as well. 

  • You can do arithmetic on integers and rational and floating numbers as well. 
  • You can handle large and small numbers easily. 
  • It has an extended floating point range. 
  • It is a completely embedded handling of units. 


  • Calculator #

For people who need a scientific calculator, the iPhone calculator doesn’t cut it and calculator # is one of the free calculator apps which are available on the app store. Like the handheld scientific calculator and this scientific calculator apps for iPhone also comes up with the user manual and also the tutorial videos to simply help you to understand how to carry out the several functions and its features will include equation solvers, algebra functions, 2D graphics, and language support as well. 

  • It is one of the free iPhone calculator apps. 
  • It has a user manual. 
  • It gives you the tutorial videos, 
  • It has 2D graphs. 
  • It is available in 6 different languages. 


  • CalcMadeEasy Free

It is one of the other free apps which provide a complete scientific calculator which comes up with automatic notes. Also, it will support the slide over and split and you can view the features on the iPad so that you can be able to carry out the calculations without having the constant switch from the other tap or app. Also, the app is not having ads and it comes up with the 3 in-app purchases which cost $0.99 each and it includes the calculator+, unit converter, and finance pack as well. 

  • It is one of the complete scientific calculators. 
  • It is having slide-over and split view compatibility. 
  • It has automatic notes features. 
  • It is completely ad-free. 
  • It costs you 0.99 for each in-app purchase. 


  • Photomath

Photomath is one of the awesome apps which allow you to simply point the camera of your device at the math problem and then the app will simply show you the result in a step-by-step manner. It also supports functions, arithmetic, fractions, linear equations, decimal numbers, equation systems, and much more. Also, the developer of this app promises that more complex problems are on their way and this app can get used to cheating it will also be used to check work or for the use of parents to help their kid to understand how to get the proper answer. 

  • You can simply point out the camera of your device at the math problem. 
  • You will get the solution and work. 
  • Millions of users are using this app. 
  • You will be able to get a detailed step-by-step solution. 
  • It is free with in-app purchases. 


  • Fraction Calculator 

If you are looking for an easy method to deal with fractions then simply check out the fraction calculator plus free. It is one of the apps which simply helps you when you are willing to figure out the fractions. The numbers are quite easy to read and the innovative triple keypad allows you to simply type easily and quickly and every result appears in decimals. 

  • You can be able to deal with the fractions quickly and easily. 
  • It shows easy-to-read numbers. 
  • It has a triple keyword display. 
  • Every result also appears in decimals. 
  • It is one of the free calculator apps for the iPhone.


  • The Calculator Free

The calculator free will take the standard and scientific calculator functions and also simply put them together so that you are having a decent, free calculator for your ipad. Also, it has lots of features and you can calculate with the degree or radials and split view support and quick equation preview and history tape and basic calc button into the portrait view and advanced math scientific buttons, and so on. It also provides a built-in currency converter and also has more than 50 themes for you to download and use. You can also be able to get a huge variety of operations such as cubic exponent, arc tangos, power of E, percentages, hyperbolic sinus, and so on. 

  • Feature-rich
  • Easy to use
  • It has an invisible backspace button. 
  • Also, it gives advanced math/scientific buttons in the landscape view. 
  • It is also free with in-app purchases. 


  • Digits

It is one of the unique takes on a calculator which understands the fact that we sometimes make mistakes and we need software that simply recognizes and works with this fact. This digits calculator for the human’s app will provide the tools which you expect in a calculator with the same type of editing tools as spreadsheet tools. The app will make it possible to simply add all types of expenses and create a series of calculators that can be emailed to you and create a short list of calculations that are stored to be used again later and flag the calculations and so on. 

  • You can be able to edit your calculations as you are on a spreadsheet. 
  • You can share your information by email so that you can import it into excel and numbers. 
  • It has the flag calculations, store calculator, and adds all types of expenses and much more. 
  • You will be able to print out your calculations as well. 


  • Calculator+ by xNeat

Have you ever faced a math problem that will leave you confused? Now, you don’t need to feel that way as you can use the calculator+ by xneat app which will support the brand new apple watch. Also, you can simply go ahead and key calculation in but it supports handwriting as well which has lots of features the users look for in the calculator. Also, you can be able to pick up your theme and the app supports the percent and fractions you can be able to view the result and equation on one screen and also the advanced features as well. 

  • This app has a large number of advanced features. 
  • Also, it will support the apple watch as well. 
  • You will be able to pick up your theme. 
  • You can also view your equation and result on the same screen. 
  • It is the best app for students and also for others who are looking for high-performance features. 
  • It will also support the percent and fractions. 


  • Tydlig – Calculator Reimagined

The tydlig app will mainly take the approach that calculators have stayed pretty much the same for the last 40 years and there is no reason that an app can take the traditional approach and also enhance it in all types. It is filled with imaginative design features which are so easy to use as they are pleasing to the eye. Also, the app will use as the canvas which you can scroll and save the information and edit the numbers you like. The undo feature is one of the favorite features of the customers by which you are able to graph the numbers in real time and use this app to simply figure out the samples of equations all the way to the complex. 

  • It is one of the best apps for advanced and basic equations. 
  • This app will use the canvas which will save the information and have the endless scrolling ability and it will make it possible for you to edit. 
  • You will get the graph numbers in real-time. 
  • Also, the app has imaginative design features and tools as well. 


  • Calculator%

Have you ever noticed that lots of these calculators are there with lots of tools and lots of buttons which end up being impossible to simply use strictly as the buttons are quite small? The calculator% app boasts user-friendly buttons which are quite perfect for your daily calculations. These buttons will cut down the number of errors you make and make the user experience fast and smooth and it is a basic offering the app has selected to focus more on ease to use than the fancy tools and features. 

  • The app has a user-friendly interface for fast calculations. 
  • This app will support the retina display. 
  • The app is good for everyday use and for students who don’t need a scientific calculator. 
  • It has a clean and minimalistic interface. 


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Final Verdict

So, these are some of the best calculator apps for iPhone. We hope that these apps are helpful for you and help you to get the best calculator for your iOS device.

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