Why is My Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone?

Why is My Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone – A distant memory is the days when you want to look for a flashlight in some failed-to-remember cabinet or storage box, stress about whether you actually have the right batteries to turn it on, or moan in dissatisfaction when it’s not shining enough at any rate.

These days, you can simply go to the multi-utilitarian iPhone you have in your grasp. That is, give your iPhone’s flashlight is working.

Why is My Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone?

Why is My Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone

Also Check:

  • Switch Off Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode cripples a few highlights on your iPhone to ration battery power. At the point when it’s enacted, the shade of your battery level seems yellow rather than green. The Low Power Mode brief consequently comes up when your battery rate falls under 20%. To save battery duration, you may likewise decide to keep your iPhone in Low Power Mode constantly.

Yet, your iPhone’s flashlight is in many cases one of those highlights that get disabled by this mode. To switch off Low Power Mode, you need to go to the Settings application, choose Battery, and tap to flip off Low Power Mode.

  • Charge Your iPhone

Indeed, even after you switch off Low Power Mode, you might find that your iPhone’s flashlight actually doesn’t work. This might be basically on the grounds that your gadget needs more battery power left to help the component at that point. Thusly, you ought to plug your iPhone into a power source and begin charging it.

  • Check Your iPhone Isn’t Excessively Hot

At the point when your iPhone gets too hot, the flashlight might quit working. Keeping on utilizing an overheating iPhone is not recommended. On the off chance that your gadget surpasses a specific temperature limit, it will ultimately close down until it cools down. You’ll likewise see an admonition show up on the screen in the event that the temperature gets excessively high.

To allow your gadget’s temperature to further down normally, place your iPhone in a cool, dry spot away from direct daylight. Try not to endeavor to place your gadget into the cooler, however, as this will make harm it. Simply find someplace that is normally cool and obscure. When your gadget cools down, your iPhone’s flashlight ought to begin working once more.

  • Eliminate the Flashlight From the Control Center

To fix the issue of your iPhone’s Flashlight not working, one potential fix is to remove the Flashlight choice from Control Center and afterward add it back once more. This is how it’s done:

  1. Go to the Settings application. Choose Control Center.
  2. Under Included Controls, click on the red short (- ) symbol for Flashlight (or Torch, in certain districts). Click on Remove to affirm.
  3. To add the flashlight back, look down to the More Controls segments.
  4. Click on the in addition to (+) symbol for the Flashlight.
  • Close Your iPhone’s Camera Application

Your iPhone’s camera’s flash capability involves a similar light as the flashlight. Assuming you have the Camera application opened, it’s generally expected to see the Control Centre’s flashlight symbol turned gray out. This is on the grounds that you can’t utilize the two elements simultaneously.

To settle this, simply leave the Camera application and access your Control Center once more. You ought to see that the flashlight button can again be chosen to the surprise of no one.

  • Turn On Your Flashlight Utilizing the Camera Flash

On the off chance that you can’t turn on your iPhone’s Flashlight from Control Center, a workaround is to turn it on in the Camera application by enacting the flash function. How it’s done:

  1. In the Camera application, you have to go to Video mode.
  2. Swipe up from the base menu (on the word, Video) to raise more choices.
  3. Tap the Flash symbol. Choose On.
  • Flip the Flash in Your iPhone’s Camera Application

To dispose of errors that stop your iPhone’s flashlight from working, you can likewise take a stab at turning your camera Flash on and off. The means are equivalent to the workaround to turn on your iPhone’s camera flash as examined in the past arrangement. Yet, rather than passing on the Flash set to On, switch between On and Off a couple of times.

  • Update Your iPhone’s iOS

iOS updates for the most part accompanied fixes for execution bugs and different errors. In this way, maybe all you really want to do to fix your iPhone’s flashlight to update your gadget to the most recent rendition of iOS. Look at our aide on the most proficient method to update your iPhone on the off chance that you don’t know what to do.

  • Restart Your iPhone

In the event that the above strategies don’t tackle the issue your iPhone’s flashlight actually isn’t working, the following stage you ought to attempt is to restart your iPhone.

The technique you really want to follow differs relying on the iPhone model you have. Yet, by and large, you can go to Settings > General > Shut Down, then, at that point, hold the Side button to restart your iPhone once it powers off. On the off chance that you don’t know what steps you ought to utilize, you can allude to our aide on the most proficient method to restart your iPhone.

  • Restore Your iPhone to a Past Backup

Other than updating and restarting your iPhone, you can likewise have a go at restoring your iPhone to a past backup from when the flashlight was all the while functioning not surprisingly. In any case, when you utilize this strategy, remember that you will likewise lose any new information that was added to your gadget since you made that backup.

When in doubt, the final solution you can endeavor is to reset your iPhone’s settings. Simply ensure you don’t tap Erase All Content and Settings — that would erase every one of the information on your gadget. On the off chance that you don’t do that, have confidence that you will not lose any content from your iPhone.

Observe that the reset procedure can consume a large chunk of the day, particularly assuming you have a ton of information on your iPhone. So in the event that you’re caught in obscurity and need a flashlight, don’t depend on resetting your iPhone not too far off afterward!


On the off chance that your iPhone’s flashlight wasn’t working, we trust this rundown of fixes has assisted you with settling the issue successfully. Be that as it may, assuming the issue continues to happen, it’s best for you to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

An expert will then inspect your gadget and decide the potential equipment fixes that are required.

Still, if you have any questions related to the above article on “Why is My Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone” then you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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