Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac [March 2022 Updated]

Hello! Everyone, today we will talk about some Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac. As you know that Notepad++ is unavailable for macOS devices such as Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac. So, you can check out some of the best alternative options of Notepad++for your macOS.  

Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

There are also other best text editors that are better than the Notepad++ for your macOS. If you want to know the best alternatives of Notepad++ then you can check out our in-depth guide mentioned below.

About Notepad++ Software

Notepad++ is a text and code editor that is working on Windows. You can easily edit, insert or delete any text in one file at multiple locations at the same time. You can also customize the Graphic User Interface (GUI) as per your need with the help of Notepad++ in your Windows. You can also do multiple things at the same time by using this editor tool.

This editor tool “Notepad++” is only available for Microsoft Windows but unavailable for macOS. If you are looking for the best Notepad++ Alternatives to the macOS then you can check out our full guide for choosing the best text and code editor for macOS.

Best Alternatives of Notepad++ for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro

  • BBEdit 13:

BBEdit 13 is one of the popular text editors like Notepad++ that are also working for your macOS. This editor tool was launched in 1992. You can trust this BBEdit 13 text editor because of its existence for about 25 years in the technology world. You can use this tool for rich text editing. It can be the best alternative option of Notepad++ for your macOS.

It includes more advantageous features like manipulative multiple files, easy maintenance by using the placeholder options, Hard Wrap, fast HTML tools, markup corrector, etc. You can also customize the syntax coloring which supports two-dozen built-in languages.

You can also buy a paid version of this editor tool instead of this you can also use the free version of this tool with limitations.

You have to buy a license for using this version of the editor tool after trying it. BBEdit 13 is also available on Mac App Store, you can buy it there. 

Download: BBEdit 13 (Free, $49.99)

  • Sublime Text 3:

Sublime Text 3 is also a popular text editor and can be the best alternative option of Notepad++ for your macOS. It also has interesting features like syntax folding and highlighting. You can also make some customizations according to your requirement. You can use Sublime Text 3 as an alternative to Notepad++ for your macOS.

It has a special feature of “GOTO ANYTHING” that can directly use the symbols of lines or words by hitting the keyboard combo of ⌘P to activate it.

You can also use this editor tool on macOS, Windows, and Linux. You have to buy a license to use this editor tool for a long time after taking a free trial.

Download: Sublime Text 3 (Free, $80)

  • UltraEdit:

This UltraEdit text editor provides the features of different languages to its users. It also supports the limited edition of C, Javascript, Objective C, XML, PHP, Python, and Perl. But its title which is self-proclaimed is not admittable even it is one of the best text and code editor tools like Notepad++ that can be used for macOS.

It also offers the features of syntax folding and highlighting. You can also edit any text which can be disk-based. You can also have multiple features like spell-checker, drop-drag editing, retina display, etc. This UltraEdit editor tool is one of the best Notepad++ alternatives for mac OS.

You can also use the different products of Ultra like UltraFinder, UltaCompare, UltraEdit Suite, and IDM All Access. All products have different working abilities. You should try out to check the best editor tool for your macOS.

          Download: UltraEdit ($79.95/Year-comes with Ultra Compare)

  • Visual Studio Code:

You can use Visual Studio Code for text and code editing just like Notepad++ for your macOS. It also supports the highlighting option for different thirty languages. It also supports the features like outlining, description of API (Automatic Real-Time), Editing which is focused on code,  Git Control, Regex support, etc. you can also use the feature of Autocomplete with the help of IntelliSense.

It has different functionalities because it supports the extensions like Sublime Text Keymap, Git Lens, Angular Essentials, and Debugger working on Chrome. It is free to use on your macOS.

Download: Visual Studio Code (Free)

  • Nova 3:

Nova 3 is a new origin of Mac code editor. Coda 2 is now discontinued after launching the Nova 3 editor tool for macOS. This text editor tool is made up of some amazing features like Autocomplete smartly, Minimap, Multiple Cursors, editor Over-Scroll, Brackets, Tag Pairing, etc.

You can run Nova 3 on your macOS easily just like Notepad++ working on Windows. It also has a sidebar facility by which you can control any tool by clicking there. It can be the best alternative source of Notepad++ for macOS.

It can support all the extensions on Chrome like SQL, Python, Less, PHP, Markdown, HTML, CoffeeScript, ERB, Smarty, Sass, INI, Perl, JSON, Lua, JSX, YAML, XML, TypeScript, Ruby, SCSS, Diff, Haml. etc.

The feature of Run and Build to use Nova for Your Projects are available in Nova 3 but unavailable or missing in the Coda editor tool. There is a sidebar by which you easily and quickly access to control the important functions like Git Source control tools.

Download: Nova 3 ($99)

  • Atom:

Atom is a free version of Text and Code editor and can be a good replacement for Notepad++ for your macOS. It is developed by the team of Git Hub and this makes it a powerful editor tool as compared to others. You can also change different themes and also working on Javascript and HTML.

Atom is built on the assimilation of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Node.js and it also runs on the Electron. If you want to add more advanced features then you can install its open-source package.

Make sure that Atom should have to support and update on a regular basis because a team of GitHub developed this Atom app to stay secure in the future.

Download: (Free)

  • Textastic:

Textastic is a powerful and cheap editor tool for your macOS. It is designed especially for the Mac to work properly. It also supports more than 80 source codes. You can also markup different languages which support Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, and Objective C. This is the fastest Tool editor as compared to the Core Text which is macOS APIs used for maximum speed.

It also supports synchronization of iCloud which will be helpful to you while working on your macOS. You can also do any work on your iPhone or iPad with the help of the feature of having an iOS App. 

Download: Textastic ($7.99)

  • Code Runner 4:

It is an affordable editor tool specifically designed for Mac. It has advanced and amazing features to edit any text and code on your device. It is a cheap, flexible, and easy-to-use text-editor tool as compared to others for macOS. 

It also offers the use high advanced IDE-level code completion process for different multiple languages like Javascript, C++, HTML/CSS, Apple Script, and many more.

It has also other advanced features like file navigator, error checking, customization of bindings, Automatic Indentation Support, Matcher for Intelligent Bracket, live streaming of run statistics, etc. This Code Runner 4 is the best and most affordable alternative to Notepad++ for macOS.

Download: CodeRunner 4 ($19.99)

  • MacVim Text Editor:

This is known as a Mac Clone which is an affordable, flexible, and powerful text editor just like Notepad++ for macOS. Every Plug-in MacVim Text Editor works smoothly and flawlessly on your macOS. You can also do any customization according to your requirement. 

If you are familiar with the UI and Interface of MacVim Text Editor hen we suggest you give it a try at once. 

Download: MacVim (Free)

  • Brackets:

The Brackets are free of cost and work on the basis of web-designing which will be a good option for web designers and for front-end developers. The Brackets editor tool is designed by Adobe. It also supports the active community as an open-source. 

Live Preview is the best feature of the Brackets which allows the developers to check the changes while making codes. By using this feature of this editor tool, you can reflect any changes to the HTML and CSS by opening this in Chrome while coding to visualize your code changes.

You can also make some automatic changes like coloring, gradient, font, and measurement with the help of the file of Photoshop Document by using this Brackets editor tool.

Download: Brackets (Free)

You can check out different alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac that are mentioned above in our guide. You can choose one of the best alternatives of Notepad++ according to your requirements because everyone has different needs. 

Some of them are paid and some other alternatives have free trials for some fixed time period. You can select which suits your macOS.

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Final Verdict: You can check out our in-depth guide on the best Notepad++ alternatives for mac OS. You can select one of the best alternate options that can fit your requirement for your macOS. You can easily find out both paid or free versions of the alternatives of Notepad++. You can try out any alternate editor tool before investing in them to buy a paid version.

Read our full article to know more about the alternatives of Notepad++ for MacBook that are mentioned above.

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