Apple Discontinues iPod Touch After 20 Years

Apple’s iPod is one of the best devices which will upend music and also the electronic industry more than the two decades ago is now no more. The company announced on Tuesday that Apple Discontinues iPod Touch which is the last remnant of the product line which was first introduced in the year 2001 in October. The touch-screen model which was mainly launched in the year 2007 will remain for sale until they run out of stock.

Apple, which is one of the companies which once went bankrupt and now it became one of the $3 trillion companies and the iPod will simply set the stage for the development of the iPhone, Airpods, and also the iPad as well. 

Apple Discontinues iPod Touch

Apple Discontinues iPod Touch

It is a sad moment to close an avital 20-year chapter in the history of apple. The Mac requirement limited interest for some years and the sales also exploded when the Windows user joined the fray. Apple simply figured out the recipe for the easy-to-use MP3 player and did a great job of marketing the concept to the customers.

The iPod made Apple one of the general customer electronic giants and it dominated the MP3 player market and also the iPod which represented 40 percent of their revenue in the year 2006. 

Apple doesn’t only turn its fortunes around but it also becomes a household name after some years of being written off as the drying brand. The iPhone hyper 2007 launch will be helped in no small part by the success of the iPad and the people are eagerly looking for the iPod phone and also the iPhone media capabilities are also arguably the best selling point in the early days. 

The iPhone helped to start the iPod’s download and lots of people required one device in their hand the smartphone also iPad sales were in freefall in the early 2010s. The iPod legacy will remain intact and it is the device that will provide a second chance to Apple and they laid the groundwork for the modern era where digital media devices are virtually ubiquitous.

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