iPhone 14 Price Leaks Roundup: More Expensive, Except For One Variant!

iPhone 14 Price Leaks will be pointed at the high price tag for the complete lineup this year. Simply take a look at the details which we are going to share below. iPhone 14 series leak roundup reveals the complete price hike range. 

iPhone 14 will be out from the shelves in a few months and the leaks have revealed lots of details related to these next-gen iPhone models. It is similar to the last two generations and the iPhone 14 series has four different models which are in this series and they are albeit a bit different.

iPhone 14 Price Leaks

iPhone 14 Price Leaks

The cheapest entry into the series and also the iPhone 13 Mini which will not have a mini successor to the iPhone 14 generation. We have a complete look that you need to know about the iPhone 14 pricing. 

You need to know all the details are based upon the leaks from the several unverified sources due to which you need to take it all with a pinch of salt. Also, Apple is going to announce anything on this front and keep it a secret until September 2022. There are basically four different variants of the iPhone 14 which are going to be released this year but their lineup will be different. 

  • iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is the entry model phone of this year as there is no iPhone 14 mini and the rumors said that the iPhone 14 comes up at the same price as the iPhone 13. Also, this is good news and also bad news as well.

The good is that the iPhone 14 is going to cost you $799 for the base variant and the bad news is that there won’t be any $699 iPhone this year. Given that the iPhone 12 will come up with the A15 Bionic chip along with the iPhone 14 and Apple will still sell it at a price of $699. 

  • iPhone 14 Max

The iPhone 14 Max is one of the filters between the regular and pro version and it is likely to begin at $899 for its base variant. It will make it the highly affordable large screen iPhone which you can easily buy mainly with the 6.7-inch display.

Also, the rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 max will provide a 90Hx refresh rate display and also a bigger battery, and also a similar basic set of the rear camera as the iPhone 14. 

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of the hyped ones of this year and it is said to be more expensive by $100. The price of the base variant of 128GB will begin at $1,099 as suggested by rumors. Also, the iPhone 14 pro will provide a new display design along with the front camera in a hole-shaped cutout apart from the notch.

Also, there is a new camera available at the back and a fast A14 Bionic chip that comes under the hood. 

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Lastly, the big bad news is that it will become one of the highly expensive iPhone which you will be able to buy from Apple this year.

Also, with the same $100 increment, the iPhone 14 pro max will end up from the starting price of $1,199. It is also having the same upgrade as the iPhone 14 pro with a bigger display and also a bigger battery as well.

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