Airpod Pros Keep Falling Out – How to Keep Them In Place

As you know, the sales of the AirPods are sky high, and also Apple is not able to keep up with the inventory. For some of the users, the Airpod Pros Keep Falling Out front of their ears and it is one of the big issues as if the airpod is not sitting in your ears in a perfect manner and the users are not able to use some of the features or some of the features may not work properly in some AirPods.

Most of the users are also satisfied with the AirPods pro performance. 

Airpod Pros Keep Falling Out

Airpod Pros Keep Falling Out

What Comes In The Box With AirPods Pro?

When any user buys an AirPods pro and unboxes it then the user is treated with some of the paperwork and also the charging case is having the AirPods pro. When you pull out the inner packing then you will find out the charging wire underneath it and also the two sets of interchangeable ear tips for the AirPods pro. These are all the content which are mainly available in the AirPods pro box. 

What Problems The User Will Face Due To The Poor Fitting Of AirPods Pro?

If the AirPods pro not gets fitted in your ear in a proper manner then the user may face the active noise cancellation feature failure. For the best working of this feature, there is a proper seal between the ear and the AirPods pro. Without the proper seal, the sound may leak which simply frustrates the user if the user is willing to sit down and wants to focus on work. 

Also, this is another issue with some of the users that the AirPods pro falls randomly from the ear and this issue does not only take place with the original AirPods as it fits in a proper manner. As the apple is using the silicone ear tips in the AirPods pro, they mainly tend to slip and fall out in an easy manner. When they fall out then the user needs to find them and sometimes they will get lost and the user needs to get a replacement. 

Airpod Pros Keep Falling Out – How to Keep Them In Place

If you are facing the AirPods keep falling out the issue then there are some options which you can be able to try to simply get rid of this issue. Some of the solutions are so great but they will not work in a proper manner. 

  • Change Stock Airpods Pro Tips

Into the box of the AirPods pro,  the user will get two extra sets of the interchangeable ear tips and the one set is already attached with the AirPods pro which will make the total of three sets of the interchangeable ear tips. Also, if the AirPods pro keeps falling then the first thing which you need to do is to simply attach the proper ear tip as per your ear size. The medium size also gets attached to the AirPods when it gets unboxed. So, you can simply try the small or the large size of the ear tips on the AirPods pro. 

  • Use Memory Foam Ear Tips

If your stock ear tips are not working for you then you need to simply go to the third-party memory foam for the ear tips. As there are no first-party memory foam ear tips which are offered by Apple.

Also, you need to simply search for the internet to simply locate the memory foam ear tips for the AirPods pro. Some of the options are mainly available for complete compatibility with the AirPods pro.

Some of the options are in the manufacturing process and also they are available in the future. Here are some of the options which I have seen and also they work in a perfect manner with the airpod pro keeps falling out. 

  • Symbio W
  • Comply Isolation T-400
  • F-FEYCH Replacement Tips

Alternative Methods To Keep Airpod Pros Falling Out From Ear

Here we are going to share some of the alternative methods which you can be able to perform with the stock AirPods pro with the stock ear tips. 

  • Maybe You Are Putting Them Wrong

If you are having the AirPods pro falling out the issue then there may be a possibility that you are putting them wrong in your ear. You can use the method which we are going to share below to simply out the AirPods pro in a perfect manner into your ear canal. 

  • From behind your head, you have to pull out the ear upward. 
  • Now, you push the AirPods pro deep into your ear canal. 
  • Simply let go of the year and you will simply notice the fitting of the AirPods which is much better than earlier. 

If you are considering that the AirPods may damage your ear and you don’t need to worry about it as they are so long to simply cause any damage. Listening to loud music for a long time can also cause damage to your ear listening capabilities. By performing this technique, the AirPod pro simply keeps falling out and will get removed and the AirPods are also set to deeper down than normal and also gives you the extra grip and the proper seal as well. 

  • Upside Down AirPods Pro

Some of the users and also the runners don’t find the method to make the AirPods pro sit in a perfect manner into your ear when they are working out or have the morning run. This also may feel odd to simply flip the AirPods pro upside down and if you are having the issue then you can simply try this method. Here we are going to share the steps about how you can wear AirPods pro upside down. 

  • You need to flip the AirPods pro upside down. 
  • Now, you need to place the left airpod into your right ear. 
  • Then, you have to simply place the right AirPods into the left ear. 

So, these are the methods that you can be able to use to get rid of AirPods pros that keep falling out. If none of the adobe methods works in the proper manner, then you can simply try to return to the place you bought it from.

The different stores have different returning policies and you just need to have the proper purchase receipt for the returning item as they are the holiday season which recently began. 

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Final Verdict

So, hopefully, we have shared some of the best methods which help you to get rid of airpod pros keep falling out. If this article is helpful for you then do share this article with other people so that they can also benefit from this article.

Also, if you are facing any trouble while fixing this issue then you can simply let us know by dropping a comment in the below-given comment section. We will help you to get rid of all the issues.

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