MapleStory on Mac – How To Play Guide 2022

If you are one of the mac users and willing to know the process of how to play Maplestory on mac then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

With the help of this article, you can be able to understand the complete process playing of this game. So, you simply need to read this article till the end and understand the complete details in a simple and easy manner.

MapleStory is one of the MMORPG developed games to be played on windows devices. Also, this game is mainly developed and published by Nexon and in this article, you can be able to understand the process of how to download and play MapleStory on Mac devices.

MapleStory on Mac

MapleStory on Mac

There is no denying that the playing n the 2D side scrolling battlefield is so funny and Nexon provides a chance for the players to simply become a part of this colorful magical world where everyone’s aim is to simply survive and also fight against the evil forces. 

Want to Download MapleStory On Mac?

Everyone knows very well that the MapleStory is mainly developed to simply get played on the windows devices by simply using the Nexon Launcher.

So, if you are one of the Mac users and willing to join this magical world on your iOS device then you simply have to check out the details which we are sharing below about the process of how to play maplestory on mac.

How Do I Play MapleStory on Mac?

You know that the cross platforming is highly required to install and also to play MapleStory on the mac device.

For this, I am going to share the complete process to emulate Windows OS on the Mac operating system so that the players can be able to claim the option of enjoying their Windows PC games on the Mac device. 

How To Play Maplestory On Mac With Bootcamp?

As you know that the boot camp is one of the in-built facilities of the mac devices which is given by the apple in terms to help the users simply install windows OS on their mac devices. But, it mainly runs on the intel-based devices as it will not work on the mac M1 processor. 

So by using the default facility, we are going to provide you with the best solution to make it easy for you to simply install and also to run Maplestory. Follow the steps which we are going to share below. 

  • First of all, you need to make a visit to the official website of Microsoft in order to buy and download the windows iSO file on your Mac device. 
  • Now, after downloading the Windows ISO file, you have to simply launch the boot camp on your mac which is available in applications > utilities. 
  • You have to upload the windows ISO file into the Boot camp. 
  • Before you make a click on the install button, you have to designate preferred storage space to the windows operating system. 
  • After installing the windows operating system in a successful manner, the boot camp will simply take you to the main interface. 
  • You have to run the boot camp installer into the windows OS to simply install the required files of the driver. 
  • You need to allow your mac device to restart. 
  • When your system gets rebooted then you need to install the required updates like windows updates, apple software updates. 
  • When the update gets completed, then you need to reboot your mac device again. 
  • In terms of shifting between the operating system, make a right-click on the boot camp assistant, and then you have to select the preferred operating system. 

Downloading MapleStory On Mac

When the boot camp starts running the Windows operating system on your Mac device then you can simply proceed to download MapleStory.

You don’t need to restart your device again but have to perform the particular steps to complete this task. Follow the below-given steps wisely. 

  • First of all, you need to open your device and simply launch the web browser. 
  • Now, ensure to have a properly working internet connection and then make a visit to the official website. 
  • You have to click on the play free now option. 
  • Then, make a login into the MapleStory active account and then download the Nexon launcher on your device. 
  • You have to install the downloaded launcher by simply following the on-screen prompts. 
  • When the launcher gets installed in a successful manner than simply launch it. 
  • You need to simply navigate to the MapleStory section and then make a click on the download button. 
  • After completing the downloading process of the game, you can be able to launch the maplestory on windows by simply using your mac device. 

Can I Play MapleStory on Mac M1?

You need to know that the aforementioned method can’t be applied to play Maplestory on MacBook M1 devices as it can only be able to work on the intel based mac devices.

There is a method that you can use on a mac M1 device to simply enjoy the Maplestory M. This mobile version of the game is mainly available on the apple store and it can easily be enjoyed on the devices with the M1 processors as they will be simply allowed to install and also to run iOS apps.

If you want to get a different solution for this issue then you can also be able to consult with applications such as BlueStacks or Nox App play to simply install and play Maplestory M on any of the mac devices. 

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Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared some of the best methods which help you to get to know the complete process of How to Play MapleStory On Mac.

If this article is helpful for you and helps you to know all the possible methods to complete this process then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article.

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