Airpods Microphone Not Working? Here’s What to Do

If you are having trouble while using the mic of your airpods then there are several reasons due to which your airpods microphone not working in a proper manner. It may be due to the dirt in the microphone holes or due to wrong settings of configuration or also due to some of the minor bugs or some of the glitches which will stop the AirPods to work in a proper manner. 

Airpods Microphone Not Working

Airpods Microphone Not Working

If the voice is not clean or if your airpods do not pick up at all then here we are sharing some of the best methods which will be helpful for you to get rid of this error and also helps you to fix the issue of the airpods microphone not working.

So, what you need to do is, simply read this article till the end to understand all the possible fixes of this error. 

How to Fix AirPods Microphone Not Working Issue – Check Out

If you are really facing the issue of the airpods microphone not working then you have to check out the methods which we are sharing below. Simply check out the methods by which you can easily be able to get rid of this issue. 

  • Method 1: Put Your Airpods Back in the Case and Reconnect

By creating and establishing a fresh connection with your iPhone will help you to get rid of the audio issue with your AirPods mainly if they are working great previously. You need to simply put the earbuds in its charging case and then you need to take them out. 

  • Method 2: Get Rid of Any Dirt

If you are using your Airpod for lots of months then it may be possible that the holes of the microphone get accumulated with several grims in them. You are required to simply try to clean them. 

You are required to have a cotton swab along with the rubbing alcohol and make sure to don’t make it so wet and then simply dab that cotton swab into the holes of the microphone to the end of the AirPods to lose any of the gunk. Now, you have to pry out the particles along with the toothpick or with the pair of tweezers.

At the time of doing this, you have to take proper care not to damage the mesh grill which was covering the microphones of your device. 

  • Method 3: Check the Active Microphone Settings

If you are using the microphone of the single airpod then it might be possible that your setting is down. You have to check out the active microphone settings of your airpods and check that it needs to be configured with both of the mics. 

You have to enter into the settings > Bluetooth and then make a click on the option of Info which is available next to the AirPods option. Now, make a click on the microphone, and then you have to enable the automatically switch AirPods option to allow the airpods to find out the particular microphone to use simply. 

There are two settings that will use the microphone on the left or the right airpod. This may cause an issue if you put the wrong earbud in the charging case or also if there is lots of ambient noise from the same side. 

  • Method 4: Update the Airpods Firmware

You need to know that the AirPods are running outdated firmware which will affect their functionality. For this, you have to open the settings > general > about > airpods and check out the current version of the firmware. 

If you find any of the outdated visions then you have to try to update the firmware. For this, you have to simply connect the AirPods to the charging source, and then you have to leave them on your iPhone which needs to be connected to the internet. Now again you have to check it out after 30 minutes and then they have already updated. 

  • Method 5: Restart Your iPhone

Also, you can simply try to restart your iPhone in order to fix the issues of airpods microphone not working on calls which will detect the audio input from the Airpods. You can simply hold the volume down button and also the side button together for a few seconds. After this, you need to simply drag the power icon to the right side to power off your device. Now, simply wait for a minute then hold the side button again to back up. 

  • Method 6: Reset Your Airpods and Reconnect

If your airpods microphone not working with zoom then you can also try to reset your airpods. For this, you have to put them in the charging case and then you need to simply press and hold the status button which is available on the charging case and hold them until the status indicator will turn to amber. 

Now, you have to open your charging case and then your iPhone and click on the connect button 

  • Method 7: Repair Your Airpods or Get a Replacement

If any of the above-given methods are not helpful for you to fix the AirPods microphone not working on mac issue and doesn’t help you to fix the issue of the AirPods microphone not working then it may be possible that you are having a defective set of the AirPods. If you are generally dropping your airpod then it may be possible that your AirPods are damaged. 

You have to connect with apple support or also you can simply book an appointment for your AirPods at the nearest store of apple to repair or to replace. Also, you can simply check out the AirPods service and repair page to know more. 

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