Protube++ iOS 15 2022 (iPhone/iPad) Official IPA

ProTube++ iOS 15 You need to know that the official app of YouTube is really awesome but if you are not perfect and there are lots of minor issues or annoyances it will still remain. Mainly on iOs devices and to cast out these, protube++ iOS IPA is one of the best apps.

So, if you want to know more details about this IPA then you need to keep reading this article till the end in order to understand everything about it in an easy and simple manner. 

Protube++ iOS 15

Protube++ iOS 15

Some of these annoyances are:

  • You can be able to play in the background. 
  • Also, you are not allowed to play the videos in the floating window. 
  • No audio-only support and much more. 

These are the issues which take place in this iOS app for YouTube to get the perfect score. Also, this is where the ProTube++ IPA appears as it fixes all the issues which we have shared above. It can also be downloaded and gets installed without jailbreaking your device. 

Protube++ iOS 15 – App Info

  • App Name: Protube+
  • Package: IPA
  • iOS Version: iOS 11, 12, 13
  • App Version: 2.5.9

ProTube++ iOS IPA is one of the youtube alternatives which will provide the ability to simply complete all the things we have discussed above in addition to nailing the basic things. 

Features of ProTube++ iPA

Here we are going to share some of the best features of protube++ IPA which you must need to know. Simply read all the features carefully and understand them easily. 

  • With the help of this, you can be able to make the playlist without making sign-in to your YouTube account. 
  • The playing videos are in the background. 
  • It offers the ability to simply download the audio and video at the same time. 
  • The audio downloading allows the users to get an option to download into the multiple bit rates to give you finer control over the output. 
  • Playing the videos into a popup floating windows so that you can be able to watch the videos at the time of doing other tasks such as typing an email. 
  • It offers no ads and also no popups anyhow. 

The features are enough to make this protube++ IPA become one of the must have apps and if you are using protube IPA then the app supports all the iOS devices which are running iOs 10 or above. Also, the devices which are using the older version can technically be able to run this app but they are not able to use all the features of this IPA.

Install Protube++ iPA on iOS 15 Devices

You can easily be able to install protube++ IPA on your iOS device by simply following the steps which we are going to share below. So, simply read all the steps carefully and follow them wisely to install protube ipa cracked

  • First of all, you need to download protube++ iOS 15 package from the internet. 
  • Now, you have to simply install Cydia impactor on your PC device. 
  • Then, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad with the Pc and then simply open the Cydia impactor and navigate to the IPA file. 
  • After this, you need to drag that file and then drop it on the Cydia impactor. 
  • Now, it will ask you to make a login into it. 
  • Simply login into the Cydia impactor by simply using your Apple Id. Here, you need to add one thing, login into your apple Id on pc and make an app-specific password and now use this password into the Cydia impactor with the email address which is the same as your Apple ID. 
  • After this, the protube for iOS 15 will begin installing on your iOs device and you have to wait for a few minutes. 
  • When it gets completed then you need to disconnect your phone from the computer device. 

Now, the protube IPA ios 5.1.1 app is installed on your device but it doesn’t work properly. So, you need to complete the last step which is to trust the developer profile of the app. After that, the protube iPad app will start working in a proper manner. For this, you need to read and follow the below-given steps carefully.

  • First of all, you need to open your device and then enter into settings > general > device management or profiles and device management. 
  • Here you will see all the trusted and untrusted profiles of the app. 
  • You have to simply trust the profile of the app which you have recently installed. 
  • Now, simply launch the app and then you are all set to start using it. 

Protube++ iOS 15 IPA Download

Simply download protube iPad 2 IPA file from the links which we are providing below. Also, if the link is not working in a proper manner then let us know by using the below-given comment section. 

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Final Verdict

So, finally, we have shared all the details about Protube++ iOS 15 for iPhone free download. If this article on “Protube++ IPA” is helpful for you and helps you to download this app file then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article on Protube++ iOS 15. 

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