Hello! Friends, today we will talk about uYou+ IPA iOS 15. This is the best tweak of Youtube working on any iOS Device. You can find out so many advanced features by this tweak of Youtube and can easily download uYouPlus IPA for your iPhone or iPad.

uYou+ IPA iOS 15

uYou+ IPA iOS 15

You can follow our guide to know more about uYouPlus+IPA iOS 15. You can follow different methods with easy steps which are mentioned below to install Youtube tweak uYouPlus on your iOS Device.

About uYou+IPA iOS 15:

uYou+IPA iOS 15 is an updated tweak version of Youtube as compared to other tweaks like Youtube++ and Cercube for your iPhone or iPad. You can check out the advanced and interesting features of this tweak. 

This tweak is very popular these days because of its updated and amazing features. This uYouPlus IPA for iOS devices is not eliminated by the developers.it also supports the latest model of iPhone in which iOS 15.4 can run.

You can download the IPA file of uYou+IPA from the link to install this tweak of Youtube on your iPhone or iPad. You can also download the IPA file from any sideloader tool of this App. 

You can follow the mentioned below step to install uYou+ IPA iOS 15 on your iOS Device.

Features of uYou+ IPA iOS 15

uYou+IPA is an updated version for your iPhone or iPad with various cool features. You can check out some amazon ng features of this tweak of Youtube below:

  1. This tweak of Youtube supports the 4K quality on your iOS device.
  2. You can download any Videos/Shorts/Audio for playback offline on your device.
  3. This tweak also offers playback in the background for the videos of Youtube.
  4. You can also customize your player by saving your favorite media and also can playback in the background of Youtube.
  5. This will also remove the Youtube Ads while watching any video.
  6. It also supports all the Youtube video qualities from 144p to 4K, all MP4+WebM Formats, frames of 30fps, 50fps, and 60fps.
  7. You can control the speed of Playback by taking the advantage of this uYouPlus IPA.
  8. You can use Mini-Player to navigate easily on your iOS device.
  9. You can also use the gestures controls like swiping left or right of the Youtube Videos, controlling the volume by increasing or decreasing as per your need, set up the brightness/seek of your videos.
  10. You can also use the Control Center by scrubbing or controlling.
  11. You can also save or export your videos to any other app or to the Camera Roll.
  12. You can play your Youtube videos in PIP form (Picture in Picture).
  13. You can also see your Youtube videos in the Layout style on your iPad.
  14. You can also export all your downloads to the uYouPlus IPA by using a Tab Button because it can support Cercube and DLEasy.
  15. It also supports the IPA sideloader tool.
  16. You can check out more advanced settings by going to the In-App Settings.

How To Install uYou+ iOS 15 IPA on iPhone?

You can follow the steps are mentioned below to install this tweak of Youtube which is uYou+iOS IPA on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. You can also download uYou+iOS 15 IPA from the given link.
  2. You have to go to the sideloader tools like AltStore or Sidelodly to install it.
  3. You should use the AltStore sideloader tool as compared to the Sideloadly because Sideloadly is like a simple drag or drop IPA sideloader tool.
  4. You can choose one of them to complete the process of installation of uYou+IPA fie.

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Final Verdict:

You have to read our full guide to install this amazing Youtube tweak named uYou+ IPA iOS 15 on your iOS Device. You can follow our simple procedure of installation of uYouPlus IPA on your iPhone or iPad easily step by step.

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