iPhone Volume Low – Simple DIY Steps to Increase the Volume

Is your iPhone Volume Low and searching for an easy guide to improving? How do you think you can increase the volume by the DIY approach? If you are struggling to turn on the sound on your device then there is often a quick improvement. And sometimes, there is a big problem with the hardware.

iPhone Volume Low

iPhone Volume Low

Whether you are listening to audiobooks and music, or not remembering your alarm, low volume can be a real headache. Here are some simple tips to increase your iPhone volume.

Note: High volume can damage your ears, so keep in mind when using the tricks given below.

iPhone Volume Low: Software Fixes

Let’s first check out some basic areas that are easy to ignore. The software should be the first port of your call because otherwise, there is a big problem with your hardware. Problems might be anyone but it depends on finding out the solution of it.

So, here are the ways down mentioned which gives you both by DIY ways and till the visit of the shop. So, follow it.

Is Your iPhone on Silent or Turned Down?

This will not affect music – but it will affect the amount of your iPhone alarm. Taking photos while bothering with that shutter’s noise? You can probably set your phone in Silent by moving your phone to the upper-left small switch of your iPhone. If it is close to the screen, then the volume is turned on; if it is behind your device (showing orange), then your phone is muted.

Just below the silent switch, you’ll find the volume buttons, which adjust the sounds for video and music in increments. If you are trying to increase the ringer volume then it also works.

If the buttons do not change anything, go to Settings > Sound, then see that Replace with the button is turned on. Alternatively, you can switch the volume by swiping through the control center

There is also a mode that limits the quantity according to the EU rules (found on iPhones everywhere). Go to Settings > Music > Volume Limits and you can set the maximum volume possible.

Are you Connected to Bluetooth?

If there is no problem with your speakers then what will happen? You can simply connect to another device.

If the music you try to play on your iPhone is actually being sent to a Bluetooth speaker, then you are likely to have it. However, if you use wireless earphones like Apple’s AirPods, then you cannot this can happen even if you use an Apple TV or if you connect your phone to your vehicle’s audio system

Swipe to turn to your control center and turn off Bluetooth (or go to Settings > Bluetooth, where you can also check which devices you have connected). Then try to play your music or video again.

Soft Reset and Updates

The classic advice is to turn your computer back on When a problem arises, there is a great way to fix problems on your iPhone.

You need to hold down the power and home buttons at the same time and keep doing it for about 10 seconds. (The combination is slightly different to resume your iPhone on the new model). Ignore the on-screen request to power off.

Your phone will be completely closed soon. The Apple logo will appear, at which point you can issue two buttons. Your phone should continue as normal, hopefully, face any problem.

Do not worry, you have not lost any personal data. Think of it as a more intensive way to restart your device.

You may have an older version of iOS instead. It should not be the cause of any complexity in theory; however, you should try to update your phone. This will not only provide patches for minor complications but also ensure that the security of your phone is up to date.

iPhone Volume Not Working: Hardware Solutions

If your problem is not resolved yet, do not panic. It does not always mean that you have to make an appointment with apple and have to repair your device. Occasionally, you can fix the problem yourself.

If you are in any way tinkling with your smartphone, then we recommend that you be very careful. If you do not know what you are doing then do not keep your device separate. But if you are lucky, then you do not have any need.

Have You got a Loose Connection?

It seems like a major issue, and yes, it can be. Luckily, in some circumstances, setting up the right is incredibly easy.

Simply apply a little pressure in the bottom right corner of your phone. Just place your thumb on the right side of the Home button, with your index finger on the back, and gently squeeze. You have to maintain it for approximately 20 seconds and then release it. If a connector is loose in your phone, then this action can reposition it.

You may have to close your phone case to work, although it depends on its thickness. You will definitely need to remove a scatter-proof model, but a thin plastic shell should be fine.

Some users say that the same method worked for them by applying pressure (or tapping on the phone only) near the volume button. If you do this, keep in mind that touchscreen does not hurt.

Is your Headphone Mode is stuck in Your Phone?

This may sound like you like the issue of the software but it actually the problem of hardware. In this case, your iPhone thinks that your Earphone is attached and thus plays the music through a non-existing connection with the headphone. So, first of all, you will have to adjust the volume using your iPhone volume button present on the side.

Once you are using AirPods, the Bluetooth solution above is going to fix it, or else grab a flashlight and light it in the headphone jack. Sometimes you may see that the jack has been blocked of some sort, but since its debris, you can find tiny, you will have still an issue in finding it.

So, check out the earphone jack and if any remove the debris of it. Do the same for few times and then check the volume again. This could dislodge the insider of the jack if any.

Another way is that if you have an air compressor, then it is quite better for blowing out any dust present inside. And this is the safest way to remove anything stuck in the jack. You can also use a dry Q-tip, cotton Ball, Toothbrush to rub around the edge and small recess. You can also apply some rubbing alcohol as well. But again you should avoid the other liquid which may cause damage to the phone.

Even a small amount of sweating can put your phone in mind that the headphones are connected. Regrettably, if these tricks do not help – and you do not have enough experience to decrypt your device – you will need to travel to Apple for professional help.

How can you Easily Increase the Volume of your iPhone

Sometimes there is no issue with your phone at all rather many people want their iPhone speaker to become a home theater. Anyhow you can try the below steps here which will give you the option to make your iPhone sound more Louder.

  1. Toggling of the Equalizer
  2. Amplify the Sound by Propping your iPhone
  3. Via iPhone Volume Booster Application

Toggling of the Equalizer

It mainly works for music, but there is a chance when you also affect the video.

Head to Settings> Music> EQ It’s off by default, but you can use it to pronounce some sounds while listening to the song. Switch it to Late Night. The mode compresses the dynamic range, essentially invents the audio so that the noise is reduced and the sound can be enhanced.

This difference is not large enough and will depend on the tracks you are listening to. It can also cause sound to distort some music. Nonetheless, users often hear increases in volume, especially when listening through earphones.

Amplify the Sound by Propping your iPhone

Increasing volume is not always about technology. This can also include where you keep your device vibrating.

Reverse it up, so that the faces of the speakers are upwards, able to improve the effectiveness. Just tossing his hand around can do the same – after all, how basically our ears work!

Similarly, keeping your phone on a favorable surface can help. For example, Noise can travel through wood or metal, when the noise will reach further. The latter will particularly enhance acoustics.

Via iPhone Volume Booster Application

Now another way possible is via the application. Once nothing else works, try a third-party app to get help easily.

Equalizer apps like Boom is a good option, so you can customize your playlist to bring some elements into the music. In the way of working late at night, increasing bass or vocals means that you can tune more easily to your favorite parts.

However, some features require payment, and it does not currently work with Apple Music because developers are outside the company’s APIs. However, this is useful, the test should fail.

If nothing else works, then your next trip should be to your local apple store. In most cases, you should not be very worried about the problems caused by your iPhone volume not working because they need a simple inspection.

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Final words

From the above article you have seen that how can you resolved the issue of iPhone Volume Low both by doing it yourself approach, taking it to the store and even by downloading the 3rd party application as well. You have seen how minor carelessness may cause the trouble of IPhone Volume Low which result in jack debris, not cleaning of jack and many more so.

Have you got benefitted by this article? Was this informative enough to solve your problem related to IPhone Volume Low then, drop your reaction in the comment section of this article. If any feedback or suggestion you have related to the article, you are welcomed to share it with us.

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