Clean iPhone Speaker [iPhone SE to iPhone 14] Guide 2022

Clean iPhone Speaker – Keeping cleaning your stuff or items is one of our main priorities nowadays. Maybe you believe it or not but your iPhone has become one of the dirtiest items. Probably you bring it with you for work or on the bed and even also in your bed.

It is really easy and simple to clean your iPhone and some of its parts as well. You need to take more caution in terms of cleaning the speaker and also the microphone of your iPhone. 

Clean iPhone Speaker

Clean iPhone Speaker

Sometimes, it will get clogged because of dust and also because of dead skin cells or other things. Also, it will also decrease the quality of the audio of the speaker’s playback. Also, it will make it hard to hear the voice of the speakers. These are some of the methods which help you to clean your iPhone speaker. There are lots of chances that using these methods will harm the speakers of your iPhone. 

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In terms of cleaning your iPhone speaker, you must clean the surface of the iPhone. Below are some of the methods which will help you to get rid of the dirt and also stick rime on the iPhone surface. 

  • You need to get a lens cleansing cloth or either you can use a microfiber cloth and make sure that it must be lint-free and made up of soft material. Simply dampen the cloth lightly. 
  • Wipe the cloth gently on the surface of the iPhone and also on the backside of the iPhone. 
  • If any dirt is remaining on the iPhone surface, then you have to simply dampen the cloth along with the soap water. Remove the excess water and then again wipe your iPhone. 
  • You can also use the 70% isopropyl alcohol at the time of disinfecting your iPhone in the solution of cleaning. Don’t use a solution that has bleach in it. 
  • After wiping the surface of the iPhone, leave it to dry. 

There are some other methods as well in terms of cleaning the iPhone speaker and one of them is to use the paintbrush. Make sure that it must need to be small so that you have proper control over it. its fibers are long then you need to trim them. 

You have to brush on the iPhone speaker at the time of holding the paintbrush on the base. Also, swipe the brush from top to end in a perpendicular manner to the speaker. Also, don’t move the brush along with the speaker’s length. At the time of brushing, you will see that some of the dirt is coming out. 

How to Clean iPhone Speaker with A Toothbrush?

If you are not having a paintbrush in your hand then you can also be able to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Also, you have to make sure that the brush needs to be clean and dry before you use it to clean the speaker of your iPhone. You don’t need to trim the bristles of that toothbrush because it already has small bristles which are easy to control. 

You have to brush the debris inside the speaker into one side by using the toothbrush. When the dirt gets accumulates from one side then you have to change the edge and use the same process. Some of the dirt may get stuck into the speaker and you have to put more effort to take it out. You just need to continue the process of brushing that part until the dirt gets out. 

How to Clean iPhone Speaker with A Toothpick?

Another method to clean iPhone speakers is to use a Toothpick. It is one of the harder methods as compared to brushes. You must need to be more gentle while using the toothpick to clean the dirt from your iPhone speaker. If you press the toothpick too hard then it may damage the grille which is conniving the speaker of your iPhone. 

You need to scrape off the dirt from your iPhone speaker gently with the help of the end part of the toothpick. Simply drag the toothpick debris into the speaker until it reaches the edge of the speaker and then pick it out. It may be easy to remove the dirt with the help of a toothpick as compared to using the brush but it is riskier as well. 

How to Clean iPhone Speaker with Tape?

If you ever get stubborn dirt onto the iPhone speaker which won’t be loose then you can simply use a masking or painter’s tape in terms to clean the iPhone speaker. Also, it is one of the particular tapes which will be helpful to remove the dirt from the speaker’s surface without leaving any type of glue on the speaker. Also, you must be gentle while using this to make sure that glue doesn’t get stuck on the speaker at the time of removing dirt from the debris. 

Simply take a short piece of tape and then roll it into a tight cylindrical shape. Make sure to keep the sticky part to the outside of the cylinder. Simply press the tape in the grille of the speaker of your iPhone so that it will stick all the dirt on it. It will lift some of the dirt from the debris then you have to throw that tape and then again take a new piece of tape and do the same process again to get all the dirt out from the speaker. 

How to Clean iPhone Speaker With Air Blower?

Some people suggest using compressed air to easily clear the iPhone speaker but it may also cause damage to your iOS device. The safest method is to use an air blower like the soft tip silicone super air blower which costs $7.99. It can simply get used to blowing any of the excess dust when you use the above-given methods. 

  • You need to hold the air blower from a short distance from the speaker and use some short bursts to simply remove the dust and debris. It will not be as strong as compressed air but it is one of the good things. 
  • If required, you can bring your air blower close for a high effect. 
  • You can use your flashlight to check out the progress and repeat it if required. 

If your iPhone sound quality seems distorted then you may have an issue with your iPhone software rather than the blacked speakers. You can simply try to turn it off and on again to simply rectify it and if the problem still exists then you may need to take your device for repair. 

The Do’s of Cleaning Your iPhone Speakers ✔

You can use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush your iPhone speaker grilles. You can simply try to use the brush at the angle so that you are not forcing the dirt up into the griller but brushing it out gently. 

Consider investing in a special cleaning putty. Blu Tack can simply get used to pinch and you are required the putty to be sticky as possible you don’t push the dirt in but remove it when you pull the putty away. AirSquares cleaning putty is one of the things which is mainly designed to get the dirt out from the earbuds and iPhone speakers. It is mainly available in packs of 12 or 24 small squares.

The Don’t of Clean iPhone Speaker ❌

Before you start thinking about what equipment you may need for anything which will damage your expensive smartphone then here are some of the things which you should not do. 

Don’t use any of the sharp objects to try to gouge out any of the gunk. We have seen lots of advice that you should use the sharp end of toothpicks, tweezers, or paperclips to scrape your speaker. So, don’t use such things at all. 

Don’t use rubbing alcohol or any type of liquid. At the time of rubbing alcohol, it will evaporate quickly as compared to water and any of the liquid and innards of the iPhone are not good to mix at all. 

Don’t use canned, compressed air as these products are useful for cleaning robust electronics like laptop keyboards. The force which gets produced is so high and strong to get used on the delicate electronics and you can simply end up forcing the dirt into the device. 

What Apple Official Advices?

We think that we need to look at apple’s official advice about how to clean your iPhone speaker as the company manufactures them and apple said that “if necessary, clean the speaker or received opening with a small, soft-bristled brush. Ensure that the brush is clean and dry”.

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Final Verdict:

So, finally, these were some of the best methods which help you to clean iPhone speaker without taking any type of risk or damage. Also, after completion of the cleaning process, you will see that your iPhone will produce a loud and clear sound.

Simply do this process once a week in terms to prevent any type of bacteria and also to manage the complete cleanliness of the iPhone quality.

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