The Family Tree of Steve Jobs – Family Members of Steve Jobs

Family Tree of Steve Jobs – When a big and legendary person like Steve Jobs dies then nobody wondering about what he left behind him. Obituaries always say that he was survived by his or her loved ones. So, the question is who are the people in Steve Jobs’ family after him?

The Family Tree of Steve Jobs

Family Tree of Steve Jobs

So, if you are really interested to get to know about the family tree of Steve Jobs then you are required to read this article till the end and in a careful manner to understand each and every detail about his family and family members. 

All Family Members of Steve Jobs

  • Steven Paul Jobs Popular As Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs was born in the year 1955 on 24th February to Joanne Carol Schieble who is an unwed mother who brought him up for adoption because she is unable to take proper care of him. His father’s name is Abdul Fattah Jandali whose nationality is Syrian but he likes America to attend college. During this time, they both meet and want to get married but the conservative father of Schieble doesn’t allow them to get married. 

Paul and Clara Jobs

The adopted parents of Steve are deceased and Paul Jobs who is a coast guard veteran worked in a company as a machinist which mainly manufactured the lasers and mainly responsible for the interest of his son in electronics and works with his hand. 

Clara Jobs worked as an accountant and she died in the year 1986 and then Paul died after seven years, in the year 1993. 

Abdul Fattah Jandali worked in a Boomtown Hotels in Reno where he is the vice president and General Manager. During his work in Reno, he worked as a political science professor at the Nevada University. It’s Real interesting that the biological father of Job’s is a successful businessman but some of his business was approved by the Jandalu who was introduced by his biological son Steve Jobs in the year 2005. 80 years old jandali who gets married three times at least. 

The mother of Job’s whose name is Joanne Schieble Simson is not 80 years old and he keeps his profile lower. If we talk about her personality then she works as a speech pathologist. Jandalu and Joanne Schieble get back together after the birth of jobs and they get married and give birth to their second child who is a girl named Mona. After a short time, they get divorced, and then Joanne gets married again to an American named George Simpson whose last name she adopts. 

Mona Simpson

If we talk about Mona Simpson then you need to know that she is a novelist and an essayist and also an English Professor at UCLA. She published five different novels which are “Anywhere But Here”, “The Lost Father”, “A Regular Guy”, “Off Keck Road”, “MY Hollywood” which are really amazing and based upon real life. All the novels of Simpson take deep to the readers in the world of dysfunctional families. The lost father novel is based upon her personal attempts to find out his father, John Jandalu and then the Regular Guy is mainly based upon the relationship of Steve Jobs and his relationship with their daughter Lisa Brennan. Mona and Steve were completely estranged from their father John Jandali. 

Lisa Brennan Jobs

During childhood, Steve Jobs was dating his sweetheart, painter Chris Anne Bewnnan. In the year 1978, Brennan gave birth to her beautiful daughter Lisa Brennan but the jobs denied paternity even after proving in the court that he is not her father because of the sterility. The court ordered for the DNA test to find out that he is the father of Lisa and then later they formed a strong relationship in their teenage years when she was shifted to California and started living with Steve and his wife for a period of time. 

Some of the rumor comes up that the Apple “Lisa” computer was mainly named for her which also gets released in the same year when she was born but Apple denies this statement. After a few time, jobs tells a biographer Walter Isaacson that it was named on my daughter and today Lia Brennan Jobs is one of the second familial relation and Lisa is now a journalist and regularly published in Vogue, O The Oprah Magazine, The Harvard Advocate, The Southwest Review, The Massachusetts Review, and much more. 

Also, it is completely unknown what contact level she is having with the other family members of her biological Family Tree of Steve Jobs which connected to her. The relationship between Lisa and his father also documented in the book The Bite in the Apple which was introduced and published by her mother in the year 2012. 

Steve is also having one adopted sister whose name is Patti Jobs and she is three years younger than Steve jobs. She got married in the year 1975 and she believed to took the name of her husband which is still unknown to everyone. She completely kept private all her whereabouts and also the current status as well. 

Laurene Powell Jobs

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In March of 1991, Steve Jobs got married to Laurene Powell Jobs who remained his wife until his death. Laurene is one of the successful business women and also she is a co-founder of natural foods company Terravera and previously she is a board of directors of Achieva, where they create the online tools for the student’s test-taking. Also, she is on the board of directors of non-profit organizations like Teach for America, Global Fund for Women, KQED, EdVoice, New American Foundation, and also the Stanford Schools Corporation and New Schools Venture Fund as well. She is also on the Stanford Graduate School of Business advisory board. 

In the year 2010, she was appointed as a member of the white house council for the solutions community for the education and creation of jobs by President Obama. 

Also, she will control the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust where she is having in between 130-140 million shares of several companies which also includes a 7.3% stake in the Walt Disney company towards making the trust the biggest shareholders. Steve and Laurene are having three children where they have one son who is 23 years old named Reed Paul Jobs and two daughters Erin Sienna Jobs age 19 years and Eve Jobs age 16 years.

After the death of their father, the children of jobs tried to lead the lifestyle. Erin started her study in college and Eve remains in high school. As per their lineage, it seems that for what job was applied by their children in future to achieve success.

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