Top 10 Tips For Beginners of GTA San Andreas

Tips For Beginners of GTA San Andreas – With the adventure of Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition is around the corner and it is around the corner and it is time to simply brush yup on the Los Santos street smarts Apart from there being the new GTA games from the launch of San Andreas, the first grove street remains the golden child of the franchise. 

Top 10 Tips For Beginners of GTA San Andreas

Tips For Beginners of GTA San Andreas

CJ’s climb from the rags to the riches is not a joke and if you are a new or returning player, then you will do well to simply give him a leg up with the help of these tips for GTA San Andreas New Players.

You simply have to follow them like you are following a train. 

  • Hot Dog Stands and Vendors Heal CJ

So bad officer Tenpenny will take all the CJ’s money at the start of the game because the healthcare of the hospital revivals can eat up all his finances in a quick manner. With health, prevention is better than cure and what better method is there to build up health as compared to eating hot dogs? CJ will get his health back from the hotdog stands and some of the restaurants are closed at the start of the game and it is up to the junk food to simply keep Cj’s health up. Both the hot dog stands and the vendors will simply heal the CJ and they are the cheaper option as compared to the restaurants or the hospitals. 

  • Max Out The Firefighter Job In Los Santos

Another best method to stay healthy is to simply make the Cj tough and the easy method to do this is by simply making him fireproof. You can be able to start by simply stealing the firetruck and pressing the mission button when you are in the vehicle. It will simply trigger the firefighter mission and if you are willing to summon a fire truck quickly then the best method is by simply starting a fire. 

  • Go To Angel Pine and Max Out The Paramedic Job There

As you are fireproof then the next best thing to do is to raise your health to the maximum and the paramedic missions will provide this after reaching the max level 12. Also, what you did with the fire truck, steam the ambulance, and then press the action button to simply begin the mission. 

  • Focus On Maxing Out Stamina In The Gym

You also want to work on maxing out your stamina and you can be able to do this with the stamina exercises in the gym or by foregoing the car and using the bicycle on the streets. The higher stamina pool will simply allow you to run for a longer amount of time without becoming tired. After his lungs get ironed then it is time for CJ to simply jump iron. Using the weights will simply increase the CJ’s strength which doesn’t have as much use outside of melee combat. 

  • Shoot Cars And Repair Them In Garages To Train Your Shooting Skill

Another skill that a Cj can be able to do properly is to max out early on in shooting. The Easy method to do this is to find a car and park it near the sweet house garage. Then, keep shooting the car with the gun of your choice. When the car starts smoking you have to stop shooting it and then simply park it in the sweet garage. It will also repair the car and then take it out and then repeat the shooting until it smokes and then again put it back into the garage. You have to repeat it until the CJ will become a proper marksman. 

  • Kill Every Drug Dealer You See

If you are willing to make money quickly in San Andreas then one of the best methods is by killing the drug dealer. They are having a specific look and one wears a black tank top with a black headpiece. Another one wears baggy pants and a hoodie with the rockstar logo and a cap as well. The next one will wear the shades and the gray tank top and the other one looks like a biker dude along with the sleeveless black leather vest and the combat shoes. 

  • Don’t Take Over All The Hoods Before CJ Leaves Los Santos

When you are allowed to wage gang wars in Los Santos in a bid for territorial supremacy, you may become overzealous and simply start taking over everything. After a certain point in the game, CJ and those loyal to Sweet need to leave Los Santos or will get arrested or killed. You can be able to come back to Los Santos after getting the power and connections into the other cities and then it is a matter of raking everything again for the reasons we dare not spoil the new players. 

  • Spray All 100 Hidden Togs In Los Santos

The graffiti mini-game in San Andreas are having more purpose than adding the nit of the gang culture and if you are committed to find out the tag all of them with the grove street insignias then you will get rewarded with the infinite supply of the AK ammo, Tec-9 ammon, and Molotov as well. 

  • Pick Kotie Or Barbara As a Girlfriend..Or Both Of Them

The choice of the girlfriend of CJ and there are a handful of selections but the two most beneficial for the Cjs life of crime will be Katie and Barbara. Having Katie will simply waive off CJ’s hospital fee if he gets wasted.

On top of that, you will get to keep your weapons as well. Barbarra works the same except this for the busted scenario and Cj will not charge bail money and also get all his weapons despite getting arrested.

If you are that type of player then you can two-time both girls and simply get both their perks and you need to be careful from hell hath no fury and all that. 

  • Steal $10,000 Worth Of Items Through Burglary

If you are completely tired of trying to max out the Cj’s steamins then here is a better method for you. Sealinm $10,000 worth of the items as the house burglar will simply unlock the infinite sprint and cycle and also the swim perks.

Also, it nullifies trying to keep the stamina stat up, and stealing $10,000 will simply take up quite a bit of work as the night cycle in the San Andreas will go in a fast manner.

It is really worth it and mainly if it can lead to the CJ being able to follow the damn train with nothing but a bicycle. 

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the easy and top 10 tips for the beginner of GTA San Andreas. We hope that this article helps you to know the best tips to play this game in an easy and simple manner.

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