iWhatsApp iOS 15 IPA Download for iPhone

Whatsapp is one of the highly popular messaging apps all over the world. It is tough to reply to everyone when you are busy. iWhatsApp tweak will simply automize this process by simply sending the auto-reply messages globally per received word or per contact as well.

So, if you want to know more about it then keep reading this article till the end in a simple and careful manner. 

iWhatsApp iOS 15 IPA Download for iPhone

iWhatsApp iOS 15

iWhatsApp tweak mainly allows the users to set up automatic replies to incoming text messages on WhatsApp to simply help them to manage the bevy of messages they receive when they are not able to respond in an immediate manner. The tweak also works with all the jailbreaks which are running iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 14 as well. 

In terms to run the tweak, it is required to install WhatsApp in version 2.20.100 lower versions are not supported at all. When it gets installed then iWhatsApp tweaks will add a preference pane into the settings app with lots of options that you can be able to configure. Simply toggle the tweak to simply start using the new features. 

What is iWhatsApp?

iWhatsApp in general one of the answering machines for all WhatsApp conversations. These tweaks will ensure that anyone who texts you know that you are not able to respond and simply get back to them as soon as possible. It also provides lots of options to simply configure the automatic replays.

You can be able to set the different replies to the selected contacts or also you can use the global feature to simply reply to the same message in all the incoming messages. You can match and reply to the feature which is mainly available for both of the options. Custom reply when the word matches the received Whatsapp message. 

When you enable word match then WhatsApp will match the received message from all the contacts before replaying. Replay data will get used to simply reply and use the newline to add the newline and name to add the username automatically by Whatsapp to the message replay. 

From the tweak settings, you can be able to CC toggle to simply enable or disable WhatsApp and select contacts for the different replies for every contact, define the custom reply when the word matches the received Whatsapp message, and disable the mark services WhatsApp messages as read. 

You can select a contact and simply add it to simply prevent iWhatsapp to send the auto-replies when the global settings are enabled and set the delay before replying to the received message. iWhatsapp tweak will get toggles or on-off-on demand with the built-in control center toggle or with the activator as well. 

The tweak is completely compatible with other WhatsApp tweaks like Watusi and Stalku. Officially iWhatsapp supports iOS 12 and iOS 13 but it was mainly tested to work on the uncover jailbreak which is running on iOS 14 and it will be fine with another jailbreak like checkra1n. 

At first, the tweak gets published for $2.39 but in the year 2021, the developer decide to release iWhatsapp for free. You can download the latest version of the WhatsApp tweak for free and sim[ply try it. Automatic replays to the message are one of the handy features which you didn’t know are required. 


iWhatsapp tweak was mainly published by MeBlackhat by the tweaked repository. You can add an iWhatsapp repo to your package manager and then simply enable WhatsApp to auto-replay all the incoming WhatsApp messages with lots of configuration options. 

  • First of all, you have to open the Cydia package manager from the home screen. 
  • Now, click on the services tab to simply add the new repo. 
  • Then, click on the services> edit > add the https://repo.twickd.com/Repo URL. 
  • Then, the cydia will automatically refresh the available packages in the repo. 
  • You can simply search for the iWhatsapp tweak and click on the install the package option. 
  • Simply restart the springboard when prompted to simply save all the changes. 
  • You have to configure the tweak from the newly added preference pane. 

What’s New in iWhatsApp iOS 15

  • iWhatsapp 0.7.6 was mainly released as a free tweak. 
  • It crushed a bug where the iWhatsapp was replaying to the group chat when you get multiple messages. 
  • It has an improvement in performance. 
  • It also added the option to simply reply to the muted chats. 
  • Now, you can be able to use the newline in reply data which will get replaced with the blank line in an automatic manner. 
  • Now, you can be able to use your name in reply data which will get replaced with the user’s name to whom iWhatsapp will reply.
  • The newly added new icon for the settings for easy visibility. 
  • It also has a fixed activator action to get visible in the settings. 

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Final Verdict

So, these are all the details and information about iWhatsapp iOS 15. We hope that this article will become useful and helpful for you and helps you to know all the details about it.

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