Steve Jobs Success Story, Every Apple Fan Boy Should Know

We already cover a family tree of steve jobs where we talk about the family members of steve jobs and what are they doing right now. Now, we are going to share Steve Jobs Success Story with all the Apple Fans because not only apple product owners but all types of audiences love steve jobs a lot.

Steve Jobs Success Story, Every Apple Fan Boy Should Know

Steve Jobs Success Story

Steven Paul Jobs more popularly known as Steve Jobs, the man who brought style to computers was born in San Francisco, California. He was adopted in 1955 by Paul and Clara Jobs. Most of his life wasn’t a euphoric one.

Early Life Of Steve Jobs:

His early life was filled with chaos and search for his biological parents. He was quirky, lived in his head, extremely intelligent, and thought very differently than most people.

Steve loved his father, Paul a lot. He admired the fact that his father, who was in a blue-collar job, could build anything with his hands. While his father was into repairing cars, Steve loved working on electronics instead. By the time he was 10, Steve had made friends with all the engineers around the neighborhood. Steve used to rebel against his teachers starting from the elementary school itself. Steve’s 4th-grade teacher was the reason that his schooling turned around.

She used the bribery method in which she offered him five bucks to do his school work. He admitted that he learned more in that one year than he had in all other years combined. After sometimes Steve had moved to Los Altos with his parents and it was here that he made friends with Bill Fernandez who shared his hobby of electronics. At the age of 13, Steve Jobs got a summer job at Hewlett-Packard.

Jobs attended Homestead High School and began his first year there along with his friend Bill. There he enrolled in electronics as well as music and literature. He used to put up light shows at the Jazz programs. This was the time when he discovered drugs and dope. After graduating, he also tried his hands at acting.

Jobs then enrolled at Reed College in Portland Oregon in 1972. It was an expensive college, and his parents could hardly afford it. So, he dropped out of his college and instead, continued to attend auditing classes although he wasn’t an official student.

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Journey to Start Apple Computers

So, guys now we will talk about the two important pillars of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and it is so important to talk about Wozniak in the Steve Jobs Success Story because, without him, Steve Jobs won’t be that successful.

In 1973, his friend Steve Wozniak redesigned a classic video game, Pong. Steve Jobs took this to Atari Inc, who gave him a job as a technician thinking that he had built it.

Steve traveled to India in 1974 with his friend from Reed College Daniel Kottke. Steve stayed for seven months in India. It was at this time that he started experimenting with psychedelic drugs like LSD. Steve returned to Atari and was assigned to create circuit boards for video games like Breakout. Getting experience in this firm Steve roped in his friend Wozniak, and together they created such a circuit board that was impossible to reproduce in an assembly line.

In 1976 Wozniak invented Apple 1 computer, and when he showed it to Jobs, he suggested that they should sell it. The two of them and Ronald Wayne together formed a company naming it Apple Computers in the garage of Steve Job’s home in Los Altos. Wayne left this company early leaving only Steve Jobs and Wozniak to be active members of the enterprise. Steve was the only person who worked in the garage while Wozniak supplied the codes.  Finally, they found their investor Mike Markkula.

Apple Computers:

Apple Computers

By early 1977 a prototype of Apple computers was ready and later in the same year they introduced Apple II at West Coast computer fair. It was the first consumer product sold by Apple computers and one of the highly successful microcomputer products.

It was during this time that he moved in with his girlfriend Brennan who got pregnant with his child. Brennan gave birth to their first daughter, Lisa when Steve was just 23. Steve wanted to name his next big product Apple Lisa.

Steve was worth 1 million dollars when he was 23 and by the time he turned 24, he was worth up to 10 million dollars.

In 1978, Apple recruited Mike Scott to serve as Apple’s CEO. In 1983, Jobs hired John Sculley from Pepsi co. to serve as Apple’s CEO. Those were very turbulent times for his company.

In 2000, Apple introduced Macintosh, and Steve Jobs got emotional while presenting it to the audience at the annual shareholders meeting in January. However, it wasn’t a hit product instantly. In 1985, Bill Gates threatened to stop making applications for Mac OS. Microsoft was calling his own GUI for DOS, calling it Windows. Microsoft got the license earlier, and the main IBM computers started using Windows as Macintosh was more expensive. This increased problems for Apple computers after which Steve Jobs decided to resign from the company.

After resigning from Apple computers, Jobs founded another company NeXT in 1985 with the help of Ross Perot. The workstation was first released in 1990 and just like Apple Lisa, it was technologically advanced but expensive and therefore unaffordable.

In 1986, Steve Jobs partnered with Disney’s Pixar and produced hit movies like Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Cars, Wall-E, etc.

In 1996, Apple brought back Jobs to the company he co-founded. Then, he merged NeXTSTEP with Apple products creating Mac OS X.  It led to the introduction of iMAC and other new products. By 2000 he became the permanent CEO. In 2007, they launched the first multi-touch cell phone- iPhone, which included the features of an iPod as well as a web browser. iPhone was a complete hit just after its launch.  Jobs made the phones ‘Smart’. Then, he developed a tablet computer, iPad that was stronger than the regular phones but not as cumbersome as the iMac.

In 2003 October, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. By the time he underwent the surgery to get his tumor removed successfully, it was almost too late. During his absence, Tim Cook ran the company on his behalf. In January 2009, Jobs realized that his health was deteriorating so he applied for a 6-month leave to regain health during which Tim Cook was made the CEO of Apple. After undergoing a liver transplant, Steve regained his health.

It was in August 2011 that he announced his resignation and became the Chairman of the board. He then surprisingly named Tim Cook as his successor at the helm of Apple.

Steve Jobs died at his home in Palo Alto, California on the afternoon of October 5th, 2011. The cause of his death was the relapse of his pancreatic cancer which resulted in a respiratory arrest. He is buried in automation Memorial Park the only non-denominational cemetery in Palo Alto California, and his grave is unmarked.

His life’s journey is the story of a man who made his life count for something and gave to the world the best he could and we can learn a lot many things from him.

So here I shared all possible knowledge and the success and failure part of Steve Jobs life in this “Steve Jobs Success Story”. If you wanna do something different in your life, you should learn every part of Steve’s life. So if you like this success story of Steve Jobs presented by BukyFeed, then share it on social media platforms and share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

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