Spotify New iOS AndroidBonifacicenGadget – Spotfy What’s new iOS androidbonfacicengadget is one of the latest features in spotify which will simply show all the latest releases from the brands, musicians, and also the shows which you are following on spotify. You will also be able to get to know when there is new content to consume when you will see the blue dot on the notification icon.

Spotify is one of the music streaming services which provide the access to millions of songs and podcasts and you can be able to listen for free with ads or also be able to listen without ads by using the Spotify premium.

Spotify New iOS AndroidBonifacicenGadget

Spotify New iOS AndroidBonifacicenGadget

Spotify premium will also allow you to simply download the songs to listen to them offline.

One of the best things about Spotify is that it will make it simple to follow your favorite artists and also to get notified when they will release new music. It is what exactly this feature is built to do. 

New Feature for Spotify: “What’s New Feed” On iOS

Spotify is mainly adding the latest feature on its famous music streaming app which is “What’s new feed”. Presently, you can be able to see a huge list of new content from your favorite artists and it also includes new albums, songs, and also playlists as well. The feature will also roll out in the next few weeks. So, keep an eye on this article as well as update this article in a continuous manner. 

How Spotify New iOS AndroidBonifacicenGadget Feature Works

The working of this new feature is so easy and simple. When you open the spotify app then you will be able to see a new “What’s New” paner at the top. This panel mainly shows you all the latest releases from bands, and musicians and also shows that you follow on this platform. Spotify also says that the feature will get updated in real-time and you will be updated always on what’s new with your favorite creators. 

Also, there is a blue dot appearing at the top of the bell icon which will simply indicate when there is the latest content available. It is one of the best additions to the spotify app and it will make it easy and simple to keep up with your favorite artists and also helps to find out new music which you will definitely love. 

You can also be able to customize the music app by simply following or also by unfollowing the artists to simply see the releases as per your interest. One of the major things to remember is that you are required to follow the artists on spotify so that you will see the new feature. 

How Do You Follow An Artist On Spotify?

First of all, you are required to open the spotify app and then make a login into it. Now, you have to open the artist’s page by simply searching for their name or also by scrolling through the discover section. 

There are lots of methods by which you can be able to follow an artist from this point. The first thing is to go to the artist’s page and then click on the following button. Also, you can be able to add an artist to your playlist and you will also be able to follow them automatically. 

Also, you can be able to search for an artist and make click on the follow button from their search result page. When you will follow an artist on spotify then their new music will simply appear on the release radar playlist. Then, you will simply get notified whenever they will release the new feature. 

You can also be able to add the artists to your favorite playlist which is one of the best methods to keep track of all the music which you really love. For this, you are required to go to an artist’s page and then make click on the add to the favorite button. These artists on spotify are the best method to ensure that you will get all the new releases from your favorite musicians. 

What Makes The “What’s New Feed” Different Than The “Release Radar”?

The release radar is also one of the best features which is mainly designed to surface new content for you to simply add to your spotify library. Release radar will mainly use the mix of human creation and also AI software to simply highlight the songs which you like to simply enjoy from the latest album, EP, or singles as well. 

Release radar is one of the best features but it is highly focused to help you to find out the new artist and not the new updates for your favorite artists. If you are searching to simply keep up with your favorite artists then the What’s new feed is one of the best options for you. If you are searching for a highly comprehensive method to simply discover the new music in your favorite genres then the Release radar is one of the good options to check out. 

Spotify Shuffle Mode Is Back On iOS

The news of the new “What’s new feed” is the other piece of spotify news and shuffle mode is back again on the spotify app for all iOS devices. It means that you will be able to listen to your music in a different order every time. It is really fun to find out about the new songs and new artists as well.

In terms of using the shuffle mode, you have to simply open the spotify app and click on the shuffle button which appears at the bottom of the display. It will simply shuffle your current playlist or album.

Also, you can be able to click on the shuffle play button to simply start playing the shuffled version of your complete library. With the latest changes, you can also be able to decide the mode at the top of the playlist album list to simply listen to them.

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