Lost Ark Class Tier List 2023

Lost Ark Class Tier List 2023Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best lost ark tier list in 2023 by the ranking of all 21 classes for both the PvE and PvE in the game.

So, if you are interested in gathering all the information about it then you are required to simply read this article till the end in a careful manner.

Recently, we shared a guide on how to play lost ark on mac and once you start using lost ark on MacBook then you can follow this guide to try the lost ark class tier list of 2023.

Lost Ark Class Tier List 2023

Lost Ark Class Tier List

This article helps you to learn everything about the lost ark class tier list in a detailed manner. So, keep reading this article to know everything about it. 

Lost Ark Class Tier List – Most Popular Class Ranking 2023 for PvE/PvP/DPS

Lost Ark is one of the bunch of fun classes to simply play and we are also having a unique variety to simply select but the question is which classes will perform the best and do the high damage and so on.

So, we have done a bunch of the testing and here we are going to share the best lost ark class tier list which you are waiting for. 

  • Bard (S Tier)

Bard is one of the support classes and you can be able to use the shields attack buffs and also heal her allies which will make her so useful in raids and also dungeons as well. The bard is immobile and not an easy class as you know the correct timing and also the placement of the supporting skills.

Overall, the bard is one of the Healer types of class that if you come from any of the other MMORPGs then is one of the closest things for a healer which is provided by the game. It is one of the amazing support classes which will focus on the support and not on the damage. 

  • Paladin (S Tier)

Paladin is one of the support classes which is having yellow and blue skills yellow skills will simply activate your support abilities and blue skills which are mainly used for damage.

As you are having the support class, you want any type of endgame content and the paladin is having the best damage boosting support in the game.

This class is not easy to pick up as you need to be quick with the supporting skills and you need to be capable to place them in the correct area. 

  • Scrapper (S Tier)

Scrapper is having two methods to play this class the first build is having low high-damage skills and is known as the shocking build or then the second one is mobile with a consistent DPS type but it is lower damage and is known as talyutsu and plays the styles deal in the same damage into a long run.

So, it is a simple class to puck and the different mana bars will feel so weird in the starting but it is not as tough to get used to. 

  • Sorceress (S Tier)

Sorceress is one of the typical mage class which focuses on casting spells in PVE and it has two bulbs where you get the good sustained DPS and Mobility or you are having a huge amount of burst but it is very little mobility. This class is having the short Dutch kills and the main issue is that if you will get focused then you don’t have as many tools to deal with the enemies and the toughest part about the sorceress is the decision making for the PVP and PVE. Because of the lack of mobility, you are having the position of yourself in a careful manner but if you will get used to it then you will simply be able to do the super high DPS. 

  • Stiker (S Tier)

Striker is one of the fast paced brawler class and it deals quick hits and has a pretty high DPS and the class is quite similar to the war dancer but he is a bit slower. In simple terms it is one of the best classes with the nice attack speed buff for the complete team and he is having a very fun gameplay style which will deal in the consistent damage in the PvP and PVE. 

  • Gunlancer (A Tier)

Gunlancer is one of the tankiest classes where the game provides this class which will make the PVCE content in an easy manner and you can be able to face the boss head-on making it easy for the teammate to simply hit the enemies from behind. You need to keep in mind that this class will do good damage and it is quite a safe and easy class to simply pick up and play. Overall, if you are a solo PVE player or if you are looking for the closest things to the tank built in lost ark then it is one of the best classes for you.

  • Wardancer (A Tier)

Wardancer is one of the high-paced fighter class in PVE and it deals with quick hits and do the nice DPS for the playstyle and you need to charge the orbs to simply deal with your highest damage numbers and most of the people will use no orb engraving for the easy play style but its all up to you. Overall, this class is tough to master but so easy to pick up and in general the wardance is one of the best classes with the nice attack speed buff for the complete team and so on. 

Final Verdict

So, these are the best lost ark class tier list 2023. We hope that this article will become useful and helpful for you and if yes then do share this article with others so that they can be able to take advantage of this article.

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