iMessage Tap to Download Not Working – Fixing Guide 2023

How to Fix iMessage Tap to Download Not Working – Behold the wondrous iMessage, an instant messaging application that transmits text messages, photographs, videos, and other attachments between Apple enthusiasts. Regrettably, some users have expressed grievances with the “Tap to Download” feature, a feature that enables the seamless download of attachments through iMessage.

A probable cause for the malfunction of the “Tap to Download” feature is attributable to connectivity disruptions. In the event of an unstable or feeble internet connection, attachments may not download adequately, leading to a catastrophic breakdown of the “Tap to Download” feature.

Another possible reason is software-related. A bug or a glitch within the iMessage application may cause the “Tap to Download” feature to fail. Restarting the app or the entire device may rectify the issue in such cases.

Furthermore, the problem could emanate from the sender’s device, not the recipient’s. Poor connectivity or a dodgy internet connection on the sender’s device may result in the incomplete transmission of attachments, culminating in the “Tap to Download” feature’s meltdown for the receiver.

The “Tap to Download” feature on iMessage may cease to function for numerous reasons. Troubleshooting the problem may necessitate checking internet connectivity, restarting the app or the device, or contact Apple’s legendary support team for further guidance.

One of the key benefits of iMessage is its capacity to permit seamless content downloads with a mere tap within the application. 

Nevertheless, to the disappointment of several users, this feature can sometimes misbehave, and Tap to Download fails to function as planned, resulting in exasperation and potentially costly ramifications.

Our goal in this lesson is to expound upon some of the reasons that can cause the iMessage Tap to Download feature to malfunction and provide an effective guide to troubleshooting this annoying issue.

iMessage Tap to Download Not Working

iMessage Tap to Download Not Working

iMessage, an exclusive messaging app that operates within the Apple ecosystem, has gained immense popularity among iOS users. Nonetheless, the app is only accessible on iPhones, rendering it a locked messaging app.

Challenges with Images Downloading Properly on iMessage

Several iMessage users have reported issues with images not downloading and appearing on the app properly. While Apple continually updates the app with new features, the image downloading issue persists. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting methods that users can employ to fix this problem.

Method 1: Re-Signing into Your Apple ID

  • As iMessage works with your Apple ID, a corrupted file linked to it may be the cause of the image downloading issue. 
  • By signing out and then back in again, all files associated with iMessage will be removed, and new ones downloaded from Apple’s server, fixing the problem.
  • To sign out, open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to Messages, tap on Send and Receive, and select the option to Sign Out. 
  • Next, sign back in with your Apple ID by tapping on Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

Method 2: Verify MMS Settings

  • To send or receive images on iMessage, you must turn on the MMS setting in the Messages app. 
  • If it was previously enabled and accidentally disabled, toggle it back on by navigating to Settings > Messages > SMS/MMS and toggling on MMS Messaging.

Method 3: Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone

  • If the above solutions do not work, it could be due to your network. 
  • Resetting the network settings of your iPhone may help. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that resetting network settings will restore all cellular and WiFi settings to their default settings, including saved WiFi networks.


After performing these troubleshooting methods, check if images download and appear on iMessage as they should.

If the problem persists, it could be due to a bug in Apple’s servers or current OS version, and users may need to wait for an updated iOS version to fix the issue.

With these tips, you can resolve the image downloading issue and enjoy seamless messaging on iMessage.

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