You can simply learn with steps to understand How to Make SIRI Read your text which appears on the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or also on the screen of your Mac devices as well.

So, it means that Siri will read aloud mostly everything which appears on the display of your iPhone or Apple devices and if it is a web page or an article or either an email or a text message or anything which appears on the display which will get read by the Siri very loud.

You will have the most control over the speeding up and down speech and also it will pause and skip the sections as well. 

If you want to know the process of how to get Siri to read text iOS 14 then you need to read this article in a very careful manner.

How to Make SIRI Read My Text On iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

How to Make SIRI Read

Here in this article, we will tell you mostly all the details about this topic in a simple and detailed manner. So, simply read this article till the end. 

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If you want to enable the speak screen on iPhone then you are required to simply turn on the accessibility feature which is known as the to speak screen and also you can use this feature by swiping two fingers on the top of the screen or by making a proper request to the Siri. 

If you are having Siri read your content which will allow the users to consume all the readable items which you want but by giving some of the advantages for not having your face buried on the screen.

By enabling the feature of the screen means that you can be able to navigate between the apps and also Siri will be able to continue reading all the content which gets initiated. Read this whole article to know about how to get Siri to read text on iPhone 11 in a proper manner.

How to Activate Siri to Read Text on iOS Devices?

  • If you want Siri to read and speak all your messages on iOS then you have to open the settings app and then you need to open the option of Accessibility and then enter into the option of spoken content. 
  • Now, you will see two different options which speak selection and speak screen. You have to enable the second option which will allow the users to have Siri read all the things which appear on the display. I need to tell you that I enabled both of the options. 

When you are on the screen, you have to enable the highlight content option as well. When you enable this feature then you can be able to follow them visually along with what is being read on screen.

Both of the speech features are so famous and useful but the option of speak screen is one of the features which I find myself using a lot on iOS and iPadOS. Mostly I use the speak selection feature to listen to her pronounce words for me. 

From any of the screens in iOS and iPadOS, if you want to get Siri to read text online and also the settings, messages, email and also you can simply activate the speak screen on iPhone or iPad by simply swiping down your two fingers on the status bar.

By doing this, a small opaque window will appear and start reading the messages or the content. 

For a specific example about how to make Siri read to you on mac, you are at the best article and you need to go through with this whole article. You need to simply start reading this article on any of the browsers and then open Siri and say “Speak Screen” and after this, Siri will start reading all the content of the article. 

You can also be able to use the onscreen control in the process to skip the slow down Siri speech and also to skip backward of a particular section to re-read it, pause it, and also to forward or backward the speech as well.

This method is really great for the iPhone and iPad if the volume of your device is up to hear the reading properly but also it will work great if you use the headphones or the speakers.

By using this method, you can use Siri to read any of the articles for you, and also it will be able to read the email, web page, and mostly all the content which is available on the display. 

You can also use this method by using the Hey Siri voice activation feature which will make it one of the best accessibility features in iOS and also in the iPadOS as well. Usually, I enable the feature of speak screen at the time of browning the email or also by reading the list as well. 

The window has some of the controls which will assist in the speech at the time of reading the content. You can also use the onscreen controls in the process to stop reading, speed up or slow down the speed of reading.

By clicking on the option of forward and backward will skip the break of text and if you click on the pause button then it will pause the reading as well. 

How to Activate Siri to Read Text on macOS Devices?

On the macOS, the process of how to get Siri to read text messages is quite different as compared to the iOS versions. To use this feature in macOS, you are required to open the system preferences and then over the Accessibility > Speech and Enable Speak Selected text when you press the key. 

The only difference is that on the MacOs, the Siri speak feature will work in a great manner and seems like the speak selection feature on iOS. If you click on the configuration key while watching the screen then you will find that Siri will read the random text.

I find one of the best methods for Siri to read the text back on the MacOs which will highlight the text group which you are willing to read and then you have to click on the configured command. By this, you will get to know that the content is being read. 

Both of the iOS and macOS feature voices come under the speech feature. You can also be able to change the voice which you will hear at the time of text reading and select a voice that suits your taste. If you select the Siri female as she sounds much better as compared to the other voices. 

From the last few years, Apple shows a commitment to accessibility from the early iPhone date and at the time, the Mac OS X Tiger. The voiceover screen reader comes up as an inbuilt feature to use on any of the computers or also on any of the smartphones as well. Now, the consistency level will be rewarded by the company of Apple size and the wealth as well. Lots of people don’t use the accessibility feature which comes up in iOS, iPad OS, and also macOS as well. 

Final Verdict:

So, that’s it for this article. We hope that this article helps you to get to know about How to Make SIRI Read to read any text on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

If this article is helpful for you then let us know by dropping a comment below and also must share this article with other people as well. If you are having some of the different screen speaking tips or ideas about how to use this feature then you can also tell us in the comment section.

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