How To Make A Collage On iPhone? [Best Collage Maker Apps for iPhone]

Collage On iPhone: You know that if a picture speaks a thousand words and if we talk about a photo collage then it will say millions of words. Yes, you can create a photo collage by using your iPhone which is a really great feature. Basically, photo collage is one of the best ways which helps us to share lots of photos in a single post or also share a story as well. 

How To Make A Collage On iPhone?

How To Make A Collage On iPhone

There are lots of situations where we are looking to create and share in college. It may be you get a new pet or buy some of the new dresses and want to show off to your buddies or it may be the birthday of your children. A photo collage is one of the best methods to show off people what you are excited about at that time. 

As you know that the iPhone doesn’t have any of the in-built features to create a photo collage but there is an app that helps you with it. There are lots of apps available to do that. 

Which one is the Best Photo Collage App for iPhone?

As there are lots of apps available to make collage on iPhone on the iPhone, it may be a tough task to select any of them.

We are here to help you by telling you some of the best methods to take you into the account with the help of characteristics which are important as per our opinion. 

  • Recent Updates to the App: There are lots of photo collage apps that get abandoned and don’t work in a proper manner if you use them in iPhone 7 or its above variant. 
  • High Start Ratings: The apps which we are sharing below have an average rating which is 4+. 
    • A High Number of Start Ratings: One of the best apps which are used by lots of users and we gave them ranking as per the review and ratings by the users. You need to select any one of them as per their ratings and reviews of the users. 
    • Free App Functionality: You need to know that the photo collage app for iPhone can be costly and you are required to buy that app to use it on your device. Also, you need to buy its additional features from the in-app purchases. 
  • Variety of Photo Collage Layouts: The iPhone photo collage app which we are sharing below are having lots of options that will ensure you get any one of them which suits your goal. 

PhotoGrid Photo & Collage Maker

PhotoGrid is one of the video and pic collage on iphone makers and also one of the photo editors as well. By having lots of users, PhotoGrid will become one of the best options for people who are looking to get a photo collage on the iPhone. 

Also, this photo grid app has more than 300 layouts so that you will never run out of ways to combine your photos in an awesome way to impress your audience. There are also some of the other different tools of editing available in the app by which you can be able to make the photos in your collage in the best manner.

Also, the app has lots of stickers, backgrounds, and also several types of fonts as well in terms to decorate your photo collage. 

If you are Instagram addicted then PhotoGrid is one of the apps which is best for you. Also, this app is having preloaded photo collage templates in a 1.1 Instagram ratio and also 16.9 for creating an Instagram story collage as well. 

Pic Collage on iPhone

If you are looking for one of the best photo collage on iphone 11 maker apps for iPhone then Pic collage is one of the best apps for you. There are more than 190 million people who use this pic collage app in terms of creating photo grouping. 

Also, the pic collage has a huge number of templates and also lots of methods to decorate your college and to add text and to touch gestures and much more. Also, this app has some of the features to clean the design, and also it has a user-friendly interface. Pic Collage also helps the users to share their collage on social media platforms easily. 

The only cons or the downside of the Pic Collage is that this app is not completely free to use. If you are looking to access its advanced features and also want to remove the watermark from any of the images then you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee which is $4.99 per month. I think that it is not bad for you as per the app quality. 

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Photo Collage by Collageable

If you are looking for the “photo collage” app in the app store then you will get millions of results. You need to find out the app which is created by “Collageable”. 

Photo Collage is having lots of collage layouts and frames and stickers and also body filters in terms to make as good photos as possible. 

Instagram Layout to Make a Photo Collage On Your iPhone

It is really easy and simple to use and also it will work in a proper manner with Instagram. If you want to know about how to make a collage maker for iPhone by using the Layout by Instagram on your iPhone then follow the steps below. 

  • You need to install and open the layout app. 
  • Then on the home screen, you will see the photos from the library and you can simply sort by simply making a click on the Faces of the recent which is available at the end of the screen. 
  • You need to simply make a click on the photos to add them. 
  • Simply scroll down into the several options of collage which is available at the top of the display and then you are required to simply select any one option.
  • Simply pinch two fingers open or closed on the display in the process to zoom in or out on any of the images. 
  • The bottom options will allow you to rotate you by the photos or by replacing any of the photos or by adding any of the borders to the photo. 
  • When you complete your work on your photo layout then make a click on the Save button. 
  • Simply look forward to the end of the screen for the options of sharing. 

Tips for Making a Photo Collage On Your iPhone

At the time of using these apps, you are required to keep in mind that the photo collage on iphone 10 is not only an app that sticks images together but it is one of the apps which will help you to tell a story in a picturesque manner. 

To get the best results, you are required to keep some of the tips in mind which we are sharing below to create the best photo collage for you or for your loving one. 

  • You are able to use the burst mode in terms of taking a picture sequence and then be able to use them in the collage. 
  • Also, telling a story will start to end with the help of the photo college and also by the canvas to create a story. 
  • You need to select an image that has all the same texture and color for the collage of your photos. 
  • You can simply mix the close pictures in terms to provide the viewer by simply using the contrasting sensitivity. 

As the three apps of photo collage are some of the best choices for you. Also, there are lots of other apps as well which you can simply try to use. 

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Also, they have lots of other features and options as well. Simply find out any one of them which you really like and want to use to make a collage on iphone free. Most of these apps are free to use and also really affordable to try and switch to them easily. We hope that you will get one of the best photo collage on iphone XR apps for you.

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