How Long Do Macbook Airs Last?

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last – As you know, the MacBook Air was first introduced by apple in the year 2008 and Apple has updated the MacBook air with every generation by simply developing them in an advanced manner as compared to the previous models.

MacBook Air is so popular as they are so lightweight and have long battery life and have high resolution. These laptops are having a hefty investment as well. 

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last?

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last

It also leaves lots of people wondering about how long the MacBook air last battery. The answer completely depends upon some of the factors which we are going to cover in this detailed article. So, simply read this article till the end to know all the details in a detailed manner.

Lifespan Of A Macbook Air Years On Average

If you take a look at your MacBook, then you need to know that it will last from an average of 5 to 7 years and despite this, the technology is changing all the time. Your machine may not be able to handle the latest software and increasing memory is required and any error may also take place. Like the other laptops, these factors also influence the MacBook air users to simply replace their device after a few years. 

If you want to know how long will mac air last then you need to know that the lifespan of a Macbook Air completely depends upon how the machine is used and the tasks which heavily use the graphics or the central processing unit will shorten the lifespan a lot. It is due to the tasks relying on the software which requires more memory and more storage as well.

Heavy vs Light Use

Light Usage: The tasks like web browsing and Netflix count as light usage. MacBook Air will get used lightly for 5 to 7 years or above. 

Heavy Usage: It involves tasks such as photoshop, illustrator, gaming, and animations. Lots of people will connect a second display to their computer but it also counts as heavy use. The MacBook air used these tasks for less than 5 years and if you want a laptop that can be able to do larger tasks then a MacBook Pro is one the suitable devices for you. 

Lifespan Of A Macbook Air Used for Gaming

The MacBook Air can handle light gaming but it is not mainly designed to play them often or for a long period as well. If you are willing to get a laptop with a long lifespan that can be able to handle your gaming then you need to opt for a MacBook pro. The pro software can be able to run the new games and also the video software in an easy manner as compared to the air device. 

You need to be aware that when you buy, you won’t be able to update the RAM, storage, or graphics on the air or the Pro as well. These upgrades are options and you can only be uploaded at the point of buying, You may also need these enhancements if you are planning on gaming, and ensure that you add the upgrades before you buy. 

If you are having a MacBook air without any type of upgrade but you are willing to use it for gaming then you may be able to buy the external graphics enclosures. When it gets connected to your air then your laptop gets the capacity of a desktop PC and it can be able to handle any of the game or the video editing tasks without the requirement to buy a new machine. 

When to Replace A Macbook Air

If you want to replace your MacBook air or not depends on a few factors. If you are using it for simple tasks such as web browsing or youtube then you can be able to go longer without replacing it. If you are using it for video editing or games then you need to replace your device in a quick manner.

In such a case, a MacBook air without the upgrade will need to be replaced after 5 years. Here, we are going to share some of the other scenarios where you need to replace your MacBook air. 

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Your Machine Doesn’t Support The Newest Mac Operating System

If you can’t update the operating system then it leaves your MacBook in a dangerous situation of malware or viruses and you may find it hard to run the particular software. One of the examples of this is the pre-2012 MacBook air models. The latest macOS is not compatible with their software as the technology has developed in the past. 

Apple operating software is not compatible with the MacBook over 7-8 years old and if the software can’t get updated then your machine may start struggling to perform the task in a correct manner. All the laptops which do not have the updated operating system are at a virus and malware risk. 

Viruses and malware are mainly developed from time to time and you need to upgrade your devices on a regular basis. Developing technology is one of the biggest reasons why the MacBook air only lasts for 5-7 years. 

Apps Start Slowing Down

On any of the laptops, apps that are slowing down are basically the sign that you need to replace your device or follow this guide. You can simply reformat your laptop or reinstall the software to simply amend this. 

Reformation of your laptop will simply make it run in a fast manner but you need to be aware that it will erase all your data. So, make sure to have a hard copy before doing this and if you reformat your MacBook and the apps are still slow then you need to buy a new device.

If you are having a MacBook air for a few years and the apps are slowing down then it is not the reason to replace it always. You can simply have a look at your laptop to see that it can still be able to handle the tasks which you use it for. 

MacBook Batteries Are Expensive to Replace

Lots of MacBook users said that their battery only lasts for 4-5 years before they require a replacement. The customers will also be able to buy a new MacBook instead of replacing the battery which is not required every time. It is because the apple made the batteries in the air and pro harder and more expensive to replace. It also prevents people from going to third parties for the replacement parts. You need to go back to the apple instead of your nearest repair center. 

The new MacBook Air and pro are mainly built in a manner that simply prevents the users from examining them. You need to have a particular tool and also a special glue to simply crack open the machine. All these factors mean that you need to opt for a new MacBook when the battery dies. If you use your MacBook air for youtube or Netflix then lots of less expensive tablets are available which can do this task. 

Your Macbook Air Looks Old

Apple-designed the MacBook air to be aesthetically pleasing as possible. These models are thin, lightweight, and also come in beautiful finishes. Despite this, the MacBook air seems outdated and old all the time.

The screen will also get smudged, dust and dirt which can take place under the keyboard and casing can also get scratched. If the image is important to you then you need to replace your laptop when it stops looking new and shiny. 

Final Verdict

Lots of factors dictate How Long Do Macbook Airs Last. In terms of getting an idea of your MacBook air lifespan, simply figure out if you need it for light or heavy work. Heavy graphics mainly work on the greater CPU usage which means that your laptop is having a shorter lifespan.

In lots of cases, your MacBook air can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years and you may need to replace your air for a multitude of reasons which also include the battery life, and slow apps.

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