How Do I Get Google Keep Widgets on My iPhone?

How Do I Get Google Keep Widgets on My iPhone – The Google Keep app is one of the finest tools for storing notes and also it is having a feature that you may not know. You can be able to add it to the iPhone’s Today screen and also be able to record the voice notes with a sip and click.

Yes, there are lots of good note apps on the iPhone and it will come bundled with the iOS. It is one of the must-have apps to select for taking notes if you will buy in the complete apple universe. 

If everything you have belongs to Apple like Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, and much more then it will make sense to use the iOS notes app and which will automatically sync your notes to all your devices.

For anyone who uses a mix of computers, operating systems, phones, and also tablets, Google Keep is one of the best options to store notes as it will work on all platforms. 

How Do I Get Google Keep Widgets on My iPhone?

How Do I Get Google Keep Widgets on My iPhone

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You can simply be able to create a note in the Google Keep app on your device and access it by using Google Keep for a Pc desktop, an android tablet, Linux using a browser, and much more. Keep does not tie you to one platform and this is why I prefer to use it. 

You need to add keep to the today screen and it will show you a toolbar that enables you to simply create the voice notes. With some of the simple gestures, you can be able to create a new note by simply speaking into your phone.

There is no need to open google keep by simply hunting the icon across lots of screens. Your voice is also transcribed into text automatically and the result is that the note with the text and embedded audio.

How to Get Google Keep Widgets on iPhone?

You can also be able to discard the audio if you are willing and keep the text or also you can keep both of them as it is one of the best features. 

  • Edit the Today View

You need to pull down the top of the screen on the iPhone and simply swipe to show the today view if required. Simply swipe up to get the bottom of today view and simply press the edit button. 

  • Add Google Keep

You will see a list of today’s view widgets on the display and you need to swipe through them and simply find out the Google keep widget for iPhone. You have to make click on the green plus button. 

  • Use Google Keep

You have to return to the today view and pull down from the top of the screen and simply swipe up to see the Google Keep. At the top, you will see the toolbar with four buttons where you have to click on the audio button. 

  • Record Your Note

You need to keep open and automatically start listening. Simply speak into your iPhone and record your voice. When you speak, keep converting it into text and insert it into the note. When you stop speaking then the audio will also get inserted into it. 

  • Play or Delete the Audio

The audio control will show that there is a recording of this note and the play button on the left will allow you to simply listen to it. If you don’t get it then press the delete button to simply remove the audio and then leave the text. 

  • Customize the Note

You have to press the three dots button on the bottom right side of the note to simply access the usual options. You can also be able to sleet the color for the note and add a label, invite people to share it, and much more. 

Final Verdict

So, these are the steps and methods to get google keep widgets on my iPhone. If this article on “How Do I Get Google Keep Widgets on My iPhone” is helpful for you and helps you to complete this process then do share this article with others so that they can also benefit from it.

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