Best Cydia Tweaks to Customize iPhone iOS 15 [20+]

Hello everyone. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the Best Cydia Tweaks. Here we will tell you the complete details and a complete article which is having the complete top list of Cydia tweaks which will be helpful for you.

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Best Cydia Tweaks

Best Cydia Tweaks

One of the major issues faced by the user in the Cydia is that it is not providing something related to “the feature tab” or also related to the “Categories” in the app store. So to get some of the good tweaks or also the packages On the Cydia to install, is very irritating and also frustrating lots of time.

If we are waiting for these features, which will be helpful for those users who like jailbreaking and also the Cydia to find out the awesome Cydia tweaks. So for that, I dedicate you all to spend some of your time installing and testing the tweaks.

So finally we are sharing this article with a complete top list of best Cydia tweaks.

Part 1. Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak (Updated)

  • TweakCompatible

TweakCompatible is an awesome tweak which helps to check the compatibility of the other tweaks.

  • iCleanerPro

iCleanerPro helps you to wipe off all the unused files from your iPhone and also free up some of the space from your iPhone.

The Instagram Rhino iOS 15 allows the users to anonymously view and save the other’s stories and also perform other functions.

  • IGDarkMode

IGDarkMode is another tweak for the users of Instagram and this tweak offers the users a dark mode in the official app Instagram.

Filza allows the users to access the file system, by which they can read and modify their files and also have an option to delete their files and also an option to customize the files from their iOS device. We consider it as an alternative for the famous tweak iFile.

  • Safari Full URL

Installing the Safari Full URL allows you to make the Safari shows and also it fills the URL in the address bar of your browser, instead of showing the only name of the domain

  • MusicDockX

It adds a new widget of the Cool music which allows you to access it by swiping up on the dock

  • HideLabels10

It requires a cleaner look for the home screen of your device along with the app icon. This is the tweak which you are looking for.

  • BioProtect X

It locks the apps of your iOS with the help of your face ID

  • ByeByeHUD

It removes the default volume of your HUD, instead of the percentage of your new volume which will be put neatly in the top corner in the left side of your device.

  • Double tapLock

With the help of the Double taplock tweak, you enable the feature of double-tapping on the wallpaper of your device’s home screen easily to quickly turn your device into the sleep mode

  • SneakyCam

The SneakyCam allows the users to take the pictures and also it allows them to record the videos secretly by simply hiding the camera app when it was launched.

Part 2. Top iOS Jailbreak Tweaks of All the Time

  • Activator:

It is an easy and necessary tweak which will be installed by most of the users on their devices after the jailbreaking. Activator gives lots of shortcuts by which the users are quickly able to use the invoke actions. Like, you will be assigned the double tap on the gesture of your device status bar for the opening of the Switcher App or also you can jump to the next track with the help of the volume up and volume down button

Cost: free

  • Auxo 3:

Auxo 3 consider the best tweaks for multitasking. It gives three main features to the users, which is Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and another is Hot Corners. The multi-Center convert the Control centre into an additional card similar to the other apps in the Multitasking panel, The Quick Switcher allows the Switching between the apps which you are suing recently and makes it easy by just pulling your fingers and Hot Corners gives fast navigation between the app switcher, lock screen and between the Home Screen.

Cost: $2.99

  • Alkaline:

The Alkaline allows the user to change the battery of their iPhone, Wi-Fi and also the data indicators and it doesn’t use the WinterBoard while doing all this. It is an inbuilt software and also it has some of the inbuilt themes but users are allowed to download some of the other themes with the help of Cydia.

Cost: free

  • Apex 2

Apex 2 gives users a new interface for the folders of stock iOS. With the help of this, you can group up the 4 extra sub-apps to a primary app icon. To reveal all these apps, you need to do the swipe up, swipe down and also you need to make a double tap on the gesture on the icon of the Primary app.

Cost: $3.99

  • AppLocker

When you install the AppLocker, then you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your device. The AppLocker allows the user to protect their device data at a high level with the help of setting a passcode for every single app individually like the photos, Facebook and all the other apps on your device. If your device doesn’t support the Touch ID, then you are also able to use the password option

Cost: $0.99

  • Brower Changer

If you are using a different web browser which considers the third-party web browser like Chrome or the Safari, then the Brower Changer tweak is really useful for you. Browser Changer allows the user to change their default browser like Safari into the one which you prefer.

Cost: Free

  • Bytafont 3

If you don’t like the font on the iOS 9 device, then you are able to change the font to any font you like with the help of Bytafont 3. Make sure that the Bytafont 3 tweak doesn’t have any of the fonts. But after the installation of Bytafont, you are required to open the Cydia, then simply find out the font whichever you want and simply download after this use the Bytafont to apply that to your device.

Cost: Free

  • BioLockdown

BioLockdown tweak utilizess the feature of Touch ID and it provides the user an advanced level of security. It was developed by the @rpetrich, BioLockdown and it not only allows the user to protect their iOS apps but also it restricts the access to the toggles and the setting panes in the app of stock setting.

Cost: $1.99

Cercube 5 allows the users to download the videos directly means the users don’t need to use any kind of downloading software which helps them to download the videos and also it helps them to save them for the camera roll. The Cercube 3 also allows the users to export the audios to the music app and also it allows to play the background music. Also with the help of Cercube 3, you are able to download the videos in the 1080p quality and also you can do much more.

Cost: Free

  • CCSetting Free

With the help of the CCSettings Free, the users are able to configure all the options which are available in the Control Center of their setting option. The users are also able to add some of the extra toggles such as the cellular data, Hotspot, Location Services, and VPN and also they are able to remove anyone that they don’t want to use to show.

Cost: Free

  • Camera Tweak 4

The Camera Tweak 4 is considered one of the best tweaks in all when we talk about taking photos. The Camera Tweak 4 provides the best control and also it provides the professional features which nay simple camera doesn’t have. Also the users are able to change the FPS setting of their video and also they are able to adjust the photo resolution. The users are able to make the separate focal point by using the exposure and also you can set the timers in it. Also the Camera Tweak 4 is having some other functions also.

Price: $1.49

  • Conferno

The conferno allows you to put all their apps along with the notifications in a single folder by which the users are able to clear the badges of their app at one attempt by making a swipe up to an icon or by simply holding the icon, The users are also able to access their folders by simply tapping on it which they can see on the status bar of their device or also they can check it on their Activator gesture.

Price: $1.49

  • CallBar

The CallBar tweak helps to display their call interface as a banner which will be available on the top of the screen. The CallBar tweaks also allow their users to continue using their iPhone and also they are not interrupted by any kind of incoming call on their device screen.

Price : $3.99


So above in this article, we had discussed all the details related to the best Cydia Tweaks. If you are looking for Cydia Tweaks then you must try these tweaks and get access.

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