Apple Might Launch 24-inch iMac Powered M2 and M2 Pro Chips

Apple Might Launch 24-inch iMac Powered M2 and M2 Pro Chips

Apple Might Launch 24-inch iMac Powered M2 and M2 Pro Chips: Apart from the upgraded processor, the latest 24-inch iMac may also come up with a new GPU which will provide hardware-based ray tracing. Apple is recently working on the latest 24-inch iMac which is mainly powered by the company’s in-house developed M2 and M2 Por chips. 

As per the Japanese publication Mac Otakara, the Cupertino-based tech giant is mainly working on the latest 24-inch iMac which will simply come up with highly needed upgrades such as Thunderbolt 4 ports, Bluetooth 5.3 and the Wi-Fi 6E support. It will also expected that it have the M2 and M2 pro configurations as well. 

We can say that some of the configurations of the iMac 2020 are facing a month’s delay on the Apple online store in several parts of the world and it is uncertain if the iMac refresh is coming anytime. The tech giant also upgraded the offerings to the latest M2 chipset and the Macs sold with the old chip and its design will include the MacBook Air 2020 and the iMac 2021 as well. 

Insiders also reiterated lots of times in the last month that the latest iMac will mainly feature Apple’s upcoming M3 chipset. It is also known as the supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo which is also said that Apple is going to launch a new Macbook this year which comes up with the M3 chip. 

In terms of giving a quick recap, the M3 chip is mainly said to provide huge performance and also the power improvements on the M2 chip which is based upon the TSMC’s 5nm process node. Also, some of the speculations also suggest that the latest chip has the integrated GPU which will support the hardware ray tracing. These chips are mainly rumoured to simply launch soon in the middle of 2024. 

Will There Still Be A 27-inch iMac?

Before this latest iMac with the larger display appears, apple is mainly expected to come up with the M3-powered iMac, perhaps in late 2023 or early in the year 2024. If the latest 27-inch iMac comes up in 2023 it will be three years after the equivalent model which was discontinued and it is a long hiatus. 

How Long Will An iMac Last?

Typically iMac will last between 3 to 8 years which will completely depend upon how they are configured. Most of the iMacs will come up with a larger hard drive as the standard configuration. The Mac mini is generally more of the entry-level Mac but it may be configured with a fast processor and having expanded memory and a large hard drive which will simply extend its life span. 

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Is It OK To Leave iMac On 24 7?

Yes, it is completely safe to leave any model Mac on all the time. It is completely fine to leave it running all the time. We have the iMac which we have left on for many years and they are working fine and they also go to sleep by themselves when they are not in use. 

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