From Spin to Win: Why JetX is Taking the Casino World by Storm

JetX is an elimination game with 8-bit graphics from the well-known provider SmartSoft Gaming, which appeared in 2019 and quickly became a top slot in many online casinos. The JetX spaceship is the latest type of flight for interplanetary travel, developed by the most talented scientists and engineers on the planet.

Unleash the Adventure: Exploring the Thrills of JetX Crash Game


But to launch the aircraft into mass production, it needs to pass tests. Players who want to try their luck become test pilots of the interplanetary plane and go with it on an exciting journey that can end at any time—a plane crash.

The player must use maximum luck to predict the moment of the boom and eject from the plane in advance (take the bet and multiply it by the winning odds).

Main Interface

The slot has many advantages that attract newcomers to the gambling world, experienced gamblers, and just fans of the crash games series, and it would take too long to list them all. One of the main advantages is the maximum win rate, which is not present in the software, as it can increase indefinitely.

JetX is often compared to other famous instant games like Aviator and Lucky Jet because they all have the same mechanics. But they do have differences, and here are some:

  • The maximum coefficient (unlike other crash titles, it is equal to infinity);
  • Graphics (title has pixel graphics, like in slots on 8-bit consoles, and the sound design is made for the same theme);
  • Results (unlike Aviator and Lucky Jet, in this variant the results are generated by a simple random number generator True Random Number Generator, and not using Provably FAIR technology);
  • Jackpot (one of the highlights of the slot is a three-level jackpot, which additionally multiplies the player’s winning bet, depending on the level at which the player took the bet—planet, galaxy, or space).

Considering all the features and advantages of the instant game, we can safely advise all gamblers to play it for real money at JetX Parimatch and win, because it’s easier than it seems.

How to Play JetX?

For the player to win, they need to predict the moment of the crash of the space plane and make a cashout in advance. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not an easy task at all. Only those players who will not rely purely on their luck will be able to feel the taste of victory but will connect other important factors: the ability to analyze previous games and the bets of other players, knowledge of the general rules and basic tactics, the ability to control oneself and don’t get carried away.

Rules of the Game

Gamblers who have familiarized themselves with the basic rules, as well as figured out how to place bets, how to collect them, and how to use the automatic mode, can start playing JetX for real money.

Let’s start with bets. In the middle of the game screen, there is a window with an animation of a spaceship taking off from the airfield and increasing the odds. Below it is a betting control panel, or rather two at once (players can place one or two bets in one round). You can enter the bet amount manually or select it using the “+” and “-” buttons, then click on the “Place a bet” button and wait for the start of the round. You can cancel and change your bet before the round starts, and after it starts, you can only click on the “Clear bet” button. The minimum bet in JetX is $1, and the maximum is $300.

As with almost all explosion slots, the multiplier starts with x1 odds on the takeoff of a jet space plane, but there are no maximum odds, and theoretically, they can increase to infinity.
Automatic Play

Immediately on the bid control panel, there are two “Auto” sliders, the activation of which launches the “auto-bid” and “auto-withdrawal” auto-modes.

The auto-bet automatically deducts the pre-set bet before the start of each subsequent round, until this auto-function is disabled or until the player runs out of money in the game account.

Auto-withdrawal automatically takes the player’s bet when the pre-configured win rate is reached (if the crash did not occur before the specified odd).

Game Stats

If you want to analyze the statistics of the results of previous rounds of JetX, you should pay attention to the vertical bar with odds to the left of the window with the animation of the plane’s flight. By scrolling through this column, you can see all the results of previous rounds, but you won’t be able to analyze them in more detail because the slot uses the RNG (Random Number Generator) True Random Number Generator, not Provably FAIR. On the right side, you can see the betting statistics of this round (the number and size of bets in the round, as well as the odds at which other players have cashed out), the player’s betting statistics, and the biggest win in this session.


The fascinating realm of JetX, decorated with pixelated aesthetics, fascinates both beginners and experienced players in the online gambling arena. This slot with an unlimited percentage of winnings stands out for its unique characteristics. The title is often compared to well-known games such as Aviator and Lucky Jet, but it stands out for its unrivaled features, including infinite maximum odds and an exciting three-tiered jackpot. With its distinctive gameplay and unparalleled excitement, it is a top contender for gamblers looking for a combination of strategy, luck, and pixelated graphics nostalgia.

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