Why Gta San Andreas Is Better Than Gta 5?

Nearly 2 decades have passed since the release of GTA San Andreas and it is still all the rage in the year 2023 judging by the indestructible reputation that it has built over the years and it is for the foreseeable future.

There is no doubt about the technological superiority of GTA 5 and for all the incredible character and the thrilling mission, GTA San Andreas suffers from poor graphics GTA 5 is robust and fleshed out as it might be possible to be on the screen. But why GTA san andreas is better than GTA 5, well, you have to read this informative post to understand it.

This article doesn’t focus on the technological aspect of these games GTA San Andreas was released in the year 200 and GTA 5 entered the market after a decade. It is not fair but illogical to compare the two games on the basis of their graphics and their visual effects.

Why GTA San Andreas Is Better Than GTA 5?

Why Gta San Andreas Is Better Than Gta 5

This article will focus on the stuff which will turn a game from a fluffy piece of technology to the enthralling encapsulating universe of escapism and adventure. 

GTA San Andreas has agreed unanimously upon the highly memorable game into the GTA series and now, let’s see what will make it better than GTA 5. 

Things That Make GTA San Andreas Better Than GTA 5

  • Protagonists

GTA 5 left all the other games in the series behind by simply featuring the 3 playable characters instead of 1 and some people will prefer the diverse protagonists over carl johnson and the lead exemplar starting into GTA San Andreas IPA.

Micahel, Franklin, and also the unhinged result of the broken family and also the brutal karma, Trevor will make for the enviable trip and they are near as profound, relatable, and likable as the CJ who is frank self-deprecation cracks people more often than they will count. 

CJ is one of the great protagonists and this point is the subject of his personal taste and preferences no one will deny that he is one of the most memorable characters in the series. 

  • Storyline

The storyline of GTA 5 is not bad but it is not that extraordinary and the GTA San Andreas storyline is a lot more profound and also relatable. CJ’s personal struggle and also family issues will add lots of flavor to the flow of the plot and also make the overall game more engaging.

  • Plot Twists

Another thing due to which GTA San Andreas will become so memorable for the fans is the iconic betrayal of the big smoke. It will go down in history as a shocking moment for the fans but also it will make the game unforgettable. GTA 5 also featured some plot twists but they were nowhere near as good as those in GTA San Andreas. 

  • Realistic Gunplay

The guns which are featured in GTA San Andreas are not as grand and advanced as in GTA 5 and they allow for realistic gameplay. GTA 5 guns are robotic and the bullets seem to have a mind of their own. 

  • Missions

GTA San Andreas is mainly popular for its difficult and entertaining missions and GTA 5’s missions will not make for a walk into the park and they don’t allow lots of entertainment. Some are tough and boring which made the players give up on the game. GTA San Andreas reserves a relatively permanent spot in the limelight for the missions. 

Final Verdict

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