TikTok Watermark Remover iPhone – Best Online Watermark Remover Tool

TikTok Watermark Remover iPhone  There is no need to tell you how wild TikTok videos are and sometimes they are so creative, funny, or also motivating as well which you are willing to save into your personal collection.

TikTok allows users to download public videos by using the save video option which is mainly available in the share menu on iOS and Android devices. The video gets downloaded with the help of several methods and generally, it includes dynamic watermarks which may block the useful video content and it will become intrusive. 

Some of the users are willing to get rid of such types of watermarks from downloaded TikTik videos and here in this article, we are going to look out the methods to simply allow you to save videos from TikTok without watermark on iPhone. 

TikTok Watermark Remover iPhone

TikTok Watermark Remover iPhone

Some of the online video downloaders may simply provide the option to download TikTok videos without having the watermark and these tools also crop the downloaded video with 4 corners to simply get rid of the watermark portion of the video.

As it may not be notified every time and it doesn’t solve the purpose as well. Sometimes, it depends upon the content of the downloaded video and requires elements with the top and the bottom of the corners that may also get cropped. 

The videos will get downloaded with the help of methods that still contain the small TikTok logo at the end. The video is mainly going to be uncropped and also the watermark logo is not noticeable as compared to the usual watermark which is generally found in the downloaded TikTok videos. 

Best Way To Save TikTok Videos On iPhone without Watermark

If you are willing to save TikTok video on iPhone without watermark then you need to simply read and follow the steps that we are going to share below. You need to know that this trick mainly works for videos which are having the save video option available in the share menu. 

  • First of all, you have to simply launch the TikTok app on your iOS device. 
  • Now, simply swipe up or make a search for the video that you are willing to save. 
  • Then, you have to make click on the share button. 
  • Instead of the save video option, you need to simply scroll right and select the live photo option. 
  • The live photo will be exported onto your camera roll into the iOS photos app. 
  • You have to simply open the photos app and then you need to open the recently exported live photo. 
  • Make a click on the share button on the bottom left side and then you have to simply select the save as video option. 

The video is now available in your camera roll without having any of the intrusive watermark on it. Also, you need to know that the android version of TikTok also has the live photo option in the share menu.

Your smartphone doesn’t allow you to open the live photo directly on the device or you need to convert it into a video like the iOS counterpart. TikTok is having a companion app which is mainly known as TikTok Wall Picture on android which simply allows the users to set the live photo which gets exported from the TikTik as the live wallpapers. 

If we have found any workable solution then we will let you know so that you can be able to download TikTok video without watermark on android.

So, keep an eye on this detailed article. You need to know that the method which we have described above is mainly for the users to download TikTok videos for their personal use. If you are willing to share the downloaded content with others then we suggest you support the original video creators by simply crediting them at the time of sharing. 

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Final Verdict

So, we hope that it will be clear to you all about the TikTok Watermark Remover iPhone.

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