Taurine Jailbreak IPA iOS 15 | iPhone, iPad, iPod

Taurine Jailbreak IPA iOS 15 which is running 15 running devices is recently updated to the latest version and the users can get the jailbreak with the help of the Taurine iOS Jailbreak.

Also, this jailbreak is mainly developed by the Odyssey team and the best part about this jailbreak is that it is so fast and also it has a high jailbreak rate. The process of installation is as similar as the other IPA sideloading app and you can simply be able to install it with the help of the altstore. 

Taurine Jailbreak IPA iOS 15

Taurine Jailbreak IPA iOS 15

Taurine Jailbreak iOS IPA file is available below and you have to simply download the file and also need to install it on your iOS device.

After this, you can simply open the app and jailbreak your device, and also you will be able to use the uncover jailbreak which is also one of the reliable jailbreak tools only if you are using iOS 14. 

Taurine Jailbreak iOS 15

The latest Taurine IPA jailbreak for the iPhone has a distinct feature that is mainly claimed by the official website. 

  • Taurine is one of the fastest and also supercharged experiences and also it is using the libhooker and extensive testing terms to ensure the best possible jailbreaking experience. 

A Path To Openness

  • Taurine is one of the open-source platforms and in the future, it allows the other people to simply learn from and also to build upon it and the manner a jailbreak should be. 

Power Users Welcome

  • Taurine mainly comes up with the open-source progress bootstrap and it is mainly designed by the group which is up with the community contributions and the compatibility in mind and provides the desktop-class functionality into your device along with the powerful packages. 

Download Taurine Jailbreak IPA iOS 15

You can easily be able to download the Taurine IPA from the official website.

  • It improves the battery life. 
  • It fixes the hangs when renaming certain tweak dylibs. 
  • It also fixes the userspace reboot failure for some of the users. 
  • It also fixes the complete system hangs for some of the users. 

How to Install Taurine Jailbreak iOS 15 IPA File via Altstore

In terms of installing the IPA file on your iOS device like in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you are required to have the alstore server installed into your PC or Mac device.

We are going to share detailed instructions about how to install IPA apps with the help of Altstore on your iOS device. 

  • First of all, you need to download the alstore app onto your device. 
  • Now, make a double click on the ZIP file and then simply drag the altstore icon into the app folder. 
  • When it gets installed then you have to launch the altstore app. 
  • Simply make a click on the alstore icon via the menu bar and then make a click on the install mail plugin option. 
  • You will see a pop-up prompt where you have to click on the blue install plug-in button. 
  • Now, in the next prompt, you need to enter your admin password and then make a click on the ok button. 
  • Then, a new popup appears where it explains that the mail plug-in was installed in a successful manner. Simply click on the Ok button. 
  • Now, you need to simply launch the mail app and then enter into mail > preferences via the menu bar. 
  • From the mail preferences, you have to make a click on the general tab which appears at the top, and then click on the gray manage plug-ins button which appears at the bottom. 
  • You have to click inside the checkbox beside the altplugin.mailbundle in terms to add the checkmark and then you need to click on the gray apply and restart mail button. 
  • When prompted, you need to be sure that you want to allow the mail plugin to access the files on your device or not then make a click on the great allow access button. 

Now, you have successfully installed altstore and altserver on your computer. Now, in the next step, you  need to install the altstore app on your iOS device., 

  • You need to connect taurine compatible iPhone or iPad with your computer by using the MFi-certified USB lightning cable. 
  • Now, in the menu bar, you have to make a click on the alstore icon and then simply navigate to the install alt store – your device name. 
  • You will see a pop-up that asks you to enter your Apple Id. 
  • Simply enter it and then make a click on the blue install button. 

If you see a prompt that says, altstore was used on another device then simply make a click on the continue button and then move on. It doesn’t appear in all the cases. 

  • Altstore is now successfully installed into your device and appears on the home screen but make sure to don’t launch it. You have to navigate to the settings> general > device management on your handset and then click on the Apple ID. 
  • Now, click on the blue trust button and when prompted then click on the red trust button. 

Now, you have configured altstore on your handset and now in the next step, you need to use altstore to simply sideload the taurine jailbreak app on your handset. 

  • Make a visit to taurine.app into the safari web browser on your device and then simply scroll down and click on the blue install via altstore button. 
  • Now, you will see a pop-up where you have to confirm that you are willing to download the taurine jailbreak by clicking on the open button. 
  • Alt Store will now sideload the taurine into your device, 
  • When it gets completed then the taurine appears as the installed app. 
  • You have to simply go to the home screen of your device and then simply launch the taurine jailbreak pp. 
  • When the app loads then make a click on the jailbreak button to start the process. 
  • After the completion of the jailbreak process, taurine wants to perform a quick reboot and then you will find sileo on the home screen of your device and can start finding and installing the jailbreak tweaks in terms to customize your handset. 

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Final Verdict

So, finally, we have shared all the details about how to install taurine jailbreak IPA iOS 15 into your iOS device.

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