Phantom for Snapchat IPA iOS 15 for iPhone, iPad [2022]

Hello! Everyone, today we will discuss Phantom for Snapchat IPA iOS 15 for iPhone or iPad. You can read about the iOS tweaks for Snapchat here. You can download the latest version of the IPA file of Snapchat for free from the link provided below. 

Phantom for Snapchat IPA iOS 15

Phantom for Snapchat IPA

You can interact with other people by using the Snapchat App. It does not keep sharing your data always and also vanished data in a few seconds this feature makes this Snapchat App special as compared to another interacting app on Social networking. Recently, we shared Snapchat++ iOS 15 IPA which you can also download to enhance your Snapchat experience to the next level. 

You can also explore more advanced features of Phantom for Snapchat IPA tweak. There are many features of Snapchat Phantom IPA that work on any non-jailbroken iOS Device. This App also offers all of your media automatically saved and downloaded in the Camera Roll in your iOS Device. 

You can edit or crop of your any picture of your choice and can be uploaded or sent as a Snaps from the Camera Roll of your iOS Device. You can use this Phantom for Snapchat IPA iOS 15 without any limitations or restrictions.

What is Phantom Snapchat?

Phantom is a tweak version of Snapchat iOS 14/15 which can be downloaded for free on your iOS devices to interact with another person on Social networks.

You can follow our steps mentioned below step by step to install this version of the phantom for your iOS Device.

Features of Snapchat Phantom for Snapchat

You can explore various advanced features of Snapchat Phantom are mentioned below: 

  1. All of your media is automatically saved and downloaded in the camera roll of your iOS device.
  2. You can enable the option of “Open in” for Snapchat with the help of in settings app.
  3. You can keep your snaps in Feed and also can mark them as read when you are ready to check out these snaps.
  4. You can also upload and send pics or videos as a snap to others from your iOS device.
  5. You can also select multiple contacts at the same time.
  6. You can hide the section of discovering or live stories in your device with the help of the feature of the phantom for Snapchat.
  7. To keep your snaps in an open mode, you have to disable the feature of hold action from your device.
  8. You can create a folder for password protection.
  9. You can also explore the feature of new tools for the paintbrush.
  10. You can view stories of anyone without knowing them.
  11. You can also explore the feature of cropping any image and many more interesting and advanced features of this Phantom for Snapchat App.

How to Install the Phantom for Snapchat IPA on iOS 15 Device?

Note: You can follow the same procedure which is mentioned below to install the Phantom IPA on your iOS 14/15 from “Altstore” instead of “Cydia Impactor” because Cydia Impactor may not be working to install the Phantom for Snapchat on your iOS Device.

  1. First, download the IPA file on your computer.
  2. You have to uninstall the older version of Snapchat from your device.
  3. Now, you can use the Cydia Impactor to install the Phantom for Snapchat IPA on an iOS device.
  4. You have to connect your OS Device to your computer with help of a USB Cable.
  5. Now, run or launch the Cydia Impactor on your computer after connecting.
  6. You have to drag your Phantom IPA file and drop it into Cydia Impactor to install the Phantom for Snapchat.
  7. Now, you have to provide your Apple ID and password to the Cydia Impactor so, it can send the details to Apple to generate the signing certificate.
  8. You can create your new alternative Apple ID in case you don’t want to provide your Apple ID to the Cyder Impactor.
  9. After providing your Apple ID to the Cyder Impactor, it will start installing the Phantom for Snapchat on your device.
  10. After completing the process of installing the Phantom for Snapchat, the Snapchat icon is visible on the home screen of your device. 
  11. Before launching this app on your device, you have to change the general settings of your device by clicking Settings > General > Profiles or “Device Management”.
  12. You have to find and open your Apple ID profile on your device.
  13. Click on the “Trust” button to allow it.
  14. Now, you can open the Snapchat App by returning back to the home screen on your device.

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Final Verdict: You can read our full guide on how to install Phantom for Snapchat IPA iOS 15. You can also find out the whole procedures to install this app into your device easily by following the whole process step by step which are mentioned above.

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