Panda Helper iOS 15 Download 2023

Panda Helper iOS 15 – If you have ever wondered if there is a method to get paid iOS apps for free and if you don’t know about it then yes, you can be able to get the paid apps for free on your iOS device. All thanks to the panda helper app and with the latest version of this app, the users can simply be able to download and install the paid apps on their iOS device without jailbreaking. 

We understand that you are a student and can’t be able to manage to pay for the paid apps and to be honest, an iPhone seems sour if it doesn’t have the best apps and most of them are paid.

So, here we are sharing the methods by which you can be able to download the paid iOs apps without paying a single penny.

So, let’s start this article with Panda Helper iOS 15 Free IPA. 

Panda Helper iOS 15

Panda Helper iOS 15

As we already told you that with the help of the panda helper VIP free IPA, you can easily be able to download the Paid iOS apps on your iOS device without jailbreak.

It is one of the latest Chinese hacked apps installed for iOS devices and it is one of the straightforward apps and has an easy-to-use interface. You can easily get used to it with some simple steps.

The reason which makes panda helper VIP free IPA stand apart from the crowd is the vast collection of paid and hacked apps for iOS devices.

If you really want to try the panda helper vip free iPad on your iOS device then you need to read this article till the end. 

Download and Install Panda Helper VIP Free iOS Without Jailbreak

Before we talk about the download and installation of panda helper VIP free IPA, let’s have a look at the supported iOS versions. 

Compatibility to Install Panda Helper iOS 15

iOS 9

  • 9.1
  • 9.2
  • 9.2.1
  • 9.3
  • 9.3.1
  • 9.3.2
  • 9.3.3
  • 9.3.5

iOS 10

  • 10, iOS 10.2, iOS 10.0.3
  • iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1
  • iOS 10.2.1
  • iOS 10.3
  • iOS 10.3.1
  • iOS 10.3.2
  • iOS 10.3.3

iOS 11

  • iOS 11.0.1
  • iOS 11.0.2
  • iOS 11.0.3
  • iOS 11.1
  • iOS 11.1.2
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4

iOS 12

  • iOS 12.0.1
  • iOS 12.1/iOS 12.1.1
  • iOS 12.1.2/iOS 12.1.3
  • iOS 12.1.4
  • iOS 12.3iOS 12.3.1
  • iOS 12.3.2
  • iOS 12.4
  • iOS 12.4.1/iOS 12.4.2
  • iOS 12.4.3/iOS 12.4.4/iOS 12.4.5

iOS 13

  • iOS 13.1/iOs 13.1.1
  • iOS 13.1.2/iOS 13.1.3
  • iOS 13.2/iOS 13.2.1
  • iOS 13.2.2/iOS 13.2.3
  • iOS 13.3/iOS 13.3.1
  • iOS 13.4 Beta 2

iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16

Now, let’s have a look at the process of how to download panda helper VIP free IPA. 

Install Panda Helper VIP Free IPA iOS

In terms of downloading and installing panda helper VIP free IPA on your iOS device, you are required to simply read and follow the steps that we are going to share below.

Follow the steps wisely to download panda helper vip free ipa:

  • At the very first step, you have to open your web browsers like safari or chrome. 
  • Now, you have to make a visit to the website. 
  • Now, make click on the regular tab which appears at the top to download the panda helper for free and you can also buy the panda helper VIP at a nominal fee. 
  • Click on the download button to start downloading the panda helper app on your iOS device. 
  • After this, you have to open the file manager on your iOS device. 
  • Simply go to the downloads and click on the helper file which you have recently downloaded. 
  • Now, your device will prompt you to install it. 
  • Click on the install button and wait for the installation to get completed. 
  • When the process of the installation gets compelled then you will see a new icon for panda helper on your apps menu on your iOS device. 
  • You need to trust the app and you have to simply follow the steps. 
  • Simply open the settings of your device and click on the general option. 
  • Here, make click on the profile and device management option. 
  • At last, click on the Beijing founder electronics Co ltd to complete the process. 
  • Finally, go to the home screen of your iOS device and click on the panda helper app icon to simply start using it. 
  • When the app gets open you will simply be able to see the list of the categories for the apps and games. 

These Includes:

  • Featured: In this section, you will be able to get all the trending paid apps and games. 
  • Games: In this section, you will see the paid hacked games which you can be able to download and install for free of cost. 
  • Apps: It has hacked apps, emulators, and also the pro versions of several apps which are mainly not available for free on the official apple app store. 

Simply select the one app which you like and click on the install button to install it on your iOS device for free. Now, you can simply start enjoying the paid apps and games for free on your iOS devices. 

How to Prevent Apple From Revoking Panda Helper?

Apple revoking is one of the certificates of the third-party apps which is such a big headache. Here, we are going to provide you with a simple and easy method and you will not need to jailbreak your iOs device for this.

You need to note that the method is temporary but provides you access to the apps even if apple revokes the certificate of the panda helper vip free download iPad.

  • First of all, you have to toggle off the wifi and then turn off the airplane mode on your iOS device. 
  • Now, you have to go to the settings > safari browser and then click on the “clear history and website data” button. 
  • Simply launch the app which you have previously downloaded from the panda helper and the app will open without the internet. 
  • Now, you have to simply turn off the airplane mode and then toggle on wifi, and then you can start using the app. 

You need to note that this method is quite easy and simple to use and you are required to verify the app after a particular period of time. 

Panda Helper Crashing On iOS 15 [Fix]

If the panda helper gets crashed on your iOS device then the only method to get it back is to simply reinstall the app post by removing the existing installation.

You may also be able to install anti revoke apps such as NoThx or xtender to simply prevent apple from revoking the certificate. 

How to Delete or Uninstall Panda Helper From iOS 15?

There are mainly two methods available by which you can be able to delete panda helper from your iOS device which are as follows:

Method 1: 

  • You have required to long-press the icon of the app until you will see that the icons start wiggling. 
  • Now, you need to press the cross (x) icon which appears at the top corner. 
  • Click on the delete button in the dialog box which appears. 

Method 2:

  • You need to go to settings > general > profiles and device management. 
  • Now, simply look up the profile of a panda helper. 
  • Click on the profile and then click on the remove button from the top corner. 
  • Deleting the profile will simply remove the apps from your iOS device, 

Popular Alternatives of Panda Helper

TopStire is one of the new apps in the field and the developer also took into account the user’s feedback which they received from the other app stores at the time of developing the topstore. It has mostly all the famous third-party iOS apps which you may need. 

Tweakbox is one of the popular apps in all the third-party app stores and you will be able to get the popular tweaked iOS apps and also the hacked games on the tweakbox. Also, you will be able to get the chance to simply download the paid iOS apps on your device for free of cost. 

AppValley is one of the never-ending valleys which is mainly filled up with third-party iOS apps and also the hacked games which are mainly not available on the real app store. Also, like the panda helper, appvalley also comes up with the paid VIP version which allows you to get access to third-party iOS apps which are not available on the other platforms. 

Tutuapp is one of the Chinese third-party app stores and the developer of tutuapp also launched the tutuapp lite version which is one of the lightweight versions of tutuapp which allow you to get access to all the popular third-party iOS apps and games which you want to get. 

Final Verdict

So, It was all about the Panda Helper iOS 15. We hope that this article will become useful and helpful for you and if yes, then do share this article with others so that they will be able to take benefit from this article.

Also, if you are having any issues or queries about this article then feel free to connect with us by dropping a comment below. We will try to connect us with a perfect solution to all your questions in an instant manner. 

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