Dictation Not Working On iPhone or iPad? [How to Fix]

Dictation Not Working On iPhone: Dictation on iPhone allows the users to transcribe the spoken word into text automatically while typing. Also, this feature will be helpful for users who have difficulty at the time of typing or those who are willing to type quickly. Many users said that the dictation doesn’t work on their iPhone devices and other iOS devices. 

How to Fix Dictation Not Working On iPhone or iPad?


If you are facing the same issue on your iOS device then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to share some of the easy and simple solutions which help you to resurrect dictation on your iPhone. 

Method to Fix Dictation Not Working On iPhone or iPad

You can simply check out the methods we are sharing below to fix dictation not working on iPhone or ipad simply and easily. So, read and follow all the methods properly. 

  • Check If Dictation Supports Your Language

Only the keyboard languages of your iPhone or iPad will support dictation. In terms to see that the dictation is supported in your preferred language, you are required to take a look at Apple’s feature availability website for dictation. You can also add another keyboard language to it like English by following the below-given steps. 

  • You have to open the settings app on your iPhone. 
  • Now, click on the general > keyboard > keyboards. 
  • Click on the add new keyboard button. 
  • You have to select English or any other language which is supported by the dictation. 


  • Ensure That Dictation Is Enabled On iPhone

Dictation is mainly enabled for all the supported keyboard languages. This feature will not work if you turn it off. Here we are sharing the steps about how to ensure that dictation is enabled on your device or not. 

  • You have to go to settings > general > keyboard. 
  • Now, simply scroll down and toggle on the enable dictation. 


  • Switch To The Default Apple Keyboard

Only the selected third-party keyboard for iPhone will provide the ability to type with the help of the voice. If you are having any of the third-party keyboards on your device then you have to simply switch to the default Apple keyboard and then simply check then you can be able to use the dictation again or not. In terms to switch to the Apple keyboard, you can follow the steps given below. 

  • You need to open the notes or any of the other apps when you are using the keyboard. 
  • Now, simply click and hold the globe icon. 
  • Then, you have to select English by using the pop-up. 


  • Check For Network Related Issues

You need to know that dictation needs an active internet connection to work properly on your device. You have to ensure that you are having a strong Wi-Fi or a cellular connection that is free from network-related issues. You can also be able to run the internet speed text to ensure that it works properly. 

  • You need to open the control center and then simply enable airplane mode for some seconds. 
  • Now. simply turn it off which helps you to reconnect your device to the internet and fix the network-related issues. 


  • Disable Low Power and Low Data Mode On iPhone

Low power and low data mode will simply help to reduce the battery and cellular data consumption of your iPhone. When you enable them then it will prevent lots of useful features such as dictation from working on your device. You have to disable them and then see whether it fixes the issues or not. 

  • You have to simply go to the settings > battery. 
  • Now, toggle off the low power mode. 
  • Then, you have to go back to the settings > cellular > cellular data options. 
  • Make click on the data mode. 
  • Now, simply select the low data mode and then select any of the other options. 

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Final Verdict

So, by following these methods, you can be able to fix dictation not working on iPhone after update issues. If you still have any questions or queries then feel free to connect with us by dropping a comment below.

Frequently asked question and answer

A. Why is my voice text not working?
Answer: There are some reason. 1. Voice text may be turned off. 2. Your microphone may be not working or muted. 3. OS Siri may be turned off. 4. You may have a network connection issue. 5. There might be a software bug.

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